Monday, March 8, 2010

More Florida Pics...

Once again, I found myself crazy busy the last few weeks. Again, we have had the black cloud of sicknesses at our house. Bug had tonsillitis, bronchitis, and a touch of pneumonia. Bubby only had a nasty cold. Four days after we were done with both of them being sick, Bubby started a fever. Turns out he had "Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease" (HFMD). Bug had this when she was 18 months old, so I knew what to look for. HFMD is VERY contagious before any symptoms appear. So, of course, after Bubby went through the fever phase, and was onto the blister phase, Bug started her fever. Bubby's fever was mild, Bug's was considered high (104.5 was the highest it got). Bug's fever lasted 24hrs almost exactly--but was pretty scary. I stayed up with her all night, cooling her with a washcloth, and giving her Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours to keep the fever down. Not a fun time. The great news is, we are (hopefully) done with the sicknesses for awhile.

I am going to try to play "catch-up" with posting pictures, so here goes:
Bug feeding Bubby ice cream on the boardwalk at Johns Pass Pretending to sleep after running around outside of the condo Bubby playing at a local park (I love what the humidity did to his hair! Makes me really look forward to summer--no more dry hair!) Bug at the park At the beach... At the beach At the Florida Aquarium Jellyfish Havin' fun at the Aquarium I wish I could remember the name of this bird--it has the color of a flamingo, and the beak like a platypus. Weird. Next to the alligators. Bug showing me how alligators swim... Bubby chasing the seagulls. I would tell him to try to "get" the seagulls, so he would chase them. As soon as they flew away, he would drop in the sand and scream and cry. It was so funny... Took a drive over the "Sunshine Skyway". My dear husband, the engineer, wanted to see this engineering feat of a bridge. The original bridge was hit by a barge in 1980, and the SS is what they replaced it with. It was pretty awesome...I have to admit. A view of the "Skyway", before driving over itKids goofin' around.. Beautiful sunset... On the beach... One of my favorite pics--the last night on the beach. My babies... My all-time favorite picture that I have taken...Blue is my favorite color, and this sunset was amazing. Bug making sand angels on the last night in the condo

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