Monday, February 23, 2009

Lots of babies...

Here is Bug watching Daddy shovel up the end of the driveway after the plow came through Saturday afternoon. The whole time he was out there, she was yelling..."Daddy, frow a snowball--but be carefo!!". He threw many snowballs, that I thought for sure would crack the window. This from the same man who in 10 years will be reprimanding our children for doing the same thing. I am not sure what the official snowfall was, but I am guessing we got at least 6 inches. Yuck. I have never been more sick of snow than I am this winter--maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have two kids this year, and it just takes too much energy to bundle them both up to go somewhere when we have a bad case of "cabin fever". I am counting down the days till spring--spring jackets, no hats, mittens, boots. It can't come fast enough!

LM is quite the crawler now. Bug has gotten real good with taking toys away from him that are hers (or that she just doesn't want him to have--because she is a bossy older sister!), and giving him a toy that is his. I am actually working on transitioning LM to a sipee cup (purely for that bad?). For breakfast and lunch today, he did real well. He will be an easy child to transition to milk--I just have a feeling. Might have something to do with his easy-going personality. He really doesn't care how the food gets to his mouth, he just wants it.

The kiddos are still battling this cold. It has definitely gotten better, they just still have horrible coughs. Both have had these coughing attacks in the middle of the night, that just sound horrible--like they can't catch their breath. Not sure what that is all about.

A few pictures:How many babies does one little girl need?? This is a picture of 10 of her babies...we have had a casualty or of the "triplets" took a swim in the toilet awhile back, so she went to "a new home". Don't worry Aunt Erin....if you are having a girl, we have plenty of babies to share! In the last few days, LM has learned to walk around furniture too. Yikes...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sixth time is a charm....

Well, this is the sixth time (that's being generous) I have tried to type out this blog entry. I guess that is what happens when you have a long travel weekend, followed by a week of two kids being sick. Yuck. Well, I am just happy that today is the first day that my shirt wasn't covered in snot by the time DH got home from work. :-)

Lots has happened since my last update TWO WEEKS AGO (I have never gone that long in between posts...bad blogger)! LM has started to crawl now...and man does he move fast! We now live in a "gated community". I can never make it to the phone anymore, having to hurdle two gates in any direction! Bug isn't too happy about having gates up--can't say that I blame her. She is a smart cookie though, and has mastered climbing over one of them.

We had another nice visit with LM's birthfamily (two weeks ago). It was good to see everyone again. We went to their house, and Bug got to play with the boys again, so she was happy.

Last weekend, we took a long weekend and visited both of our families. We had a good time both places. We had a fun Valentine's Day pizza party with my family, and the kids got to play together. The kids were plenty sugared up thanks to all the Valentines candy. It was fun seeing and catching up with everyone, though. While visiting DH's family, Grammy and Grandpa offered to watch all 5 grandkids, so the parents (DH, his sister and brother, and the spouses) could go out to dinner. That was alot of fun...I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. Guys...we need to do that WAY more often!! The kids were good enough for Grammy and Grandpa, so I am sure we didn't ruin our chances of having another "date" night.

During the end of our travelling, both kids starting having cold symptoms....and that brings me to today. LM is finally starting to get better. LM was the worst, but his nose isn't "snottin" nearly as much as previous days. Bug never really had it too bad, but today seems like it is worse again for her. Who knows...I am excited though...I get to leave the house tonight for a Walmart trip. How exciting. Because I really didn't leave the house the entire week, nothing has really happened. Here are some pictures from the last two weeks. Enjoy! Wow--time baby is crawling already!! (sniff, sniff...) Four Generations (LM's birthfamily) This is a cute picture....LM and his birthmom Bug loves her Uncle Dan (my "baby" brother) LM loves his Uncle Dan...I can't get over the curls on these boys. Bug and her Grandma Our kids with my best friend's kids...Brie and Samuel. Brie and Bug...both with some goofy smiles. Hello, FLOWER POWER! This is the retro high chair at Grammy's house Bug getting a ride courtesy of her cousins Aunt Tracy and cousin Tara gave us a concert A picture of all the grandkids

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A LM update...

Milestone #1: So the kids were happily playing yesterday in their room, while I was washing dishes, and Bug runs out to me and says..."Mommy, mommy, LM stam up!!" I came in and this is what I saw. He is pulling himself up now.

Milestone #2: He is doing his version of crawling. Not exactly what you think of when you think of crawling, but this how he gets around:
Cheesin' for the camera
Bug is taking a picture of LM with her princess (toy) cell phone...amazing what kids pick up on. Scary, actually.
Less than 5 minutes later...Man, he can move fast!
Happy after dinner....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 8

Day 8 was days are always interesting, right? Well, after a discussion with DH on when we should leave from Grandma and Grandpa's house, I fought for leaving at 7am (or earlier). We ended up leaving at 6:45am. Our flight was departing at 11:20am. Plenty of time, right? It was a Friday, and not only was it a Friday during rush hour, it was a Friday during rush hour two days before the Super Bowl was in town, and it was raining like crazy. You would think that folks in Florida would understand how to drive in, that wasn't the case this day. The traffic was horrendous--and according to the traffic report on the radio, there were 20+ accidents on the metro Tampa interstates/highways. We actually just got off the interstate and drove the "backroads" to the airport. In doing so, actually drove right by the Raymond James Stadium--unfortunately, our camera was way in the back of the pictures. After a bit of a stressful drive to the airport, we made it. Luckily, getting thru security was no problem...They saw us coming with a double stroller, and bags/bottles/junk and let us go thru the handicapped lane. We are handicapped alright!!! Once there, we had lunch and let Bug play in the play area. Back on the plane, heading home... (sniff, sniff....sob) The best thing about flying with Midwest Airlines...yummy, warm chocolate chip cookies!! Check out that fistful of cookies!!
Another awesome thing about our kids...LM slept all but the last 15 minutes of the flight. Taking off and descending didn't bother him at all. As soon as LM woke up, Bug layed her head on my lap and fell asleep. There were only a few times (during some turbulence) that Bug got a look of concern on her face and said..."hold me". They were both angels..

Days 5 - 7

Day 5 started out with us making the 90 minute trip from our hotel on the beach to DH's grandparents' house. The kids were great on the trip. We arrived at their house, and Grandma was gone visiting Grandpa who was still in the hospital recovering from his pacemaker surgery. We had lunch and took some pictures, because both kids were so happy... A cute picture of LM As soon as Grandma arrived, Bug told her she wanted to put her "piggies" in the "simmin' poo" I think it was approx. 4 minutes before we were in the pool...I couldn't resist--the water was 88 degrees!! My little snickerdoodle... Great-Grandma and Bug Two cool kiddos with their shades on, and one cool Great-Grandma! (morning of Day 6, waiting for the pool to warm up...)Watching a real hungry squirrel get some birdie food (still waiting for the pool to warm up!) The gang swimming--LM was actually swimming for about an hour. Mommy and Bug stayed and swam for three hours!!! She was a zombie by the end of the three hours.... Grandma giving a swimming lesson... Our LM loving the pool... Just Goofin' around... Cute picture...LM is pretty tired here...(doesn't it look like they could be related?? Same brown skin, same brown curly hair, same eyebrows??) Playing with the lei's that came from Aunt Tracy and family when they were visiting in Aug 08' (This was taken Wednesday night--Grandpa had just gotten home from the hospital) Good thing we got our 3 hours of swimming in the day before, because all it did on Thursday (Day 7) was rain, and rain, and rain. Bug was so stir-crazy, we let her go outside anyway...we all needed some sanity! Cutie-Pie! Grandma, Bug and LM Grandpa, Daddy and Bug taking a walk in the rain...check out the nice yellow grass! While they were walking, Grandma had some more quality time with LM Grandpa and LM Grandma and Grandpa and the two kiddos
Taking some family pictures at the end of Day 7...This turned out pretty good--this was only the second picture we had to take! That NEVER happens with little kiddos...