Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random thoughts/happenings from the last week...

It has been crazy busy here this week, so I know I am behind on our update from last weekend so here goes: Here is a picture of Bug and her cousin, Killian dancing at Grandma Polly's house last weekend. We had so much fun visiting with both families, but it was also a hectic, long weekend. Everyone was so excited to meet (and hold) Little Man, and after awhile, Little Man had had enough. Towards the end of the trip he started to get real fussy...which is to be expected when you have been held by like a thousand people (ok, maybe like 15, but to him it probably felt like a thousand!).

I will attach pictures of the last week at the end of this entry. Bug has a new word-- "Esmoko kisssss". I taught her to do a "Eskimo kiss" (rub noses for those who aren't aware...)--she has no problem rubbing noses, but has a slight mispronunciation. O-well, that will come with time. It is so cute, though, when she wants a esmoko kiss...

Today, church was interesting. Bug was real squirmy, mostly because we had a late night, last night at a friends house, and was quite vocal. Daddy had to take her out a couple of times. Near the end, right before communion, there was a violin/piano solo. The piano always keeps her attention, so that was good. The second the music was over, and right before the Pastor prepares the table for communion, Bug yells..."ALL DONE!!" (meaning the music was all done..) This was loud enough that the entire church heard her very clearly! There were a few chuckles, and I couldn't hold it together, I was laughing so hard. I told her to whisper, then she continued to whisper loudly, "ALL DONE"....until more music started. Oh, have I mentioned she also thinks our pastors are Jesus...??? Every time one of them passes us, or she sees them up at the altar, she points and calls out..."Ge-dus Ge-dus". What a sweetheart....

Little Man is doing awesome. I had a few sleepless nights last week, as he had some REAL gassy days. He seems to be getting better and for that we are grateful. We had a visit with Little Man's birthmom this week, which went well. After discussing Little Man's baptism with "H" and her mom, we got the "OK" to have him baptized, which will happen on August 3rd. Please continue to pray for "H" and her family...they are such wonderful people.
Now, on with the slide show of pictures--brace yourself, there is alot--enjoy!
Great Grandma Polly and Bug

Second cousins..Bug and Malcolm--I only hope that they can be close like Malcolm's dad and Bug's mommy were when they were growing up... Great Grandma Polly holding Little Man for the first time... Malcolm having ice cream with Great Grandma Polly at 4 in the afternoon....sweet moments. Bug and her Grandma
This is Brie (Little Man's godparents' daughter) holding Little Man. Brie's Mommy is going to have a baby boy (who will be named the same as our Little Man) in October.Cousins--Ashton holding Little Man Take a guess as to how long it took me to get this picture...(Ashton holding LM, Bug and Killian)
My cousin Keith, his wife Lora and their son, Malcolm (who live in Colorado).Any guesses on how long it took me to get THIS picture?!?! Yes, much longer than the one with just the kids...This is Great Grandma with 5 of 10 of her great-grandchildren. A very unflattering picture of me, but DH and I went out for a couple of hours (just to have some adult time while visiting DH's family), in Dad's Miata convertible...I thought it was a cute picture. Cousin Tara with Little Man Cousin Erin with Little Man WHAT?!? Are you telling me, that more people are going to hold me?!? Grandpa (or PaPa as Bug now calls him..) being a good sport while the grandkids pile their stuffed animals on him Taking a snooze with Uncle Michael Ooooooo, he is tiny! Cousin Andrew holding LM for the first time, under the watchful eyes of his sisters... Aunt Tracy holding Little Man Grandpa and Bug on the rock in Grammy and Grandpa's backyard The five grandkids on the rock... Finally, back home. Time to snuggle with my Little Man...After a few sleepless nights and days, I had a EUREKA! and decided to try stomach did the trick for the gas now when he is gassy, he naps on his stomach (only when we can see him at all times.. .of course!) HOLY GIRLS, BATMAN!! Last night we went to some friends house, and got together with some of DH's high school classmates. From left: Bug, Katie, Grace, Olivia, and Anna. Three boys there but not pictured: Brandon, Alex and Little Man.

That is all for now...I hear Little Man grunting (great, more gas!!), and I hear that Bug is up from her nap...must go for now!

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