Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ice always makes it better, right??

Here is my DH feeding our DS at the end of the reception after my Uncle Denny's wedding. Little Man was such a trooper, and stuck it out till 10:30 that night!! He is so nosey, and won't go to sleep till there isn't anything going on.

The wedding was fun. We are so happy for Uncle Denny and Aunt Donna. The wedding was in a historical Victorian house (it is the original home of one of the founders of the city), and was decorated so beautifully for Christmas. Bug was the flower girl, and dropped burgundy rose petals. The ceremony itself took only about 20 minutes, and by the end of the ceremony, Bug was laying on her stomach on the floor playing with her cousin Killian (the ring bearer) and the rose petals. I had to keep reminding myself, that by the time the ceremony was over, it was about the same time she goes to bed. I couldn't blame her for laying down on the floor!

After the ceremony, we had lots of food, wine, punch, and cake. Mrs. Claus even showed up! How nice of her to make the trip! After the punch and cake, Bug and her cousins were running around like crazies! Either a second wind, or a sugar high...not sure which one--probably a little of both. By that time though, we (our whole family-numbering about 15) were about the only ones there, so I just let her run it off. We also had the photographer take some family pictures, that I won't have till after Christmas, so when I get those, I will post them. I took pictures, but didn't get too many. I just figured the photographer would get better ones, so I would let her do the work!

I have to say, though, this was the first time I have ever had so many looks, carrying around our son. Most of the people there were alot older, and from a different "time". There was actually a table of four that were just staring like crazy--finally, I just stared back at them. I think they realized how dumb they looked, when I did it back to them. I had another family friend ask my mom..."No offense, but is he black?" My mom replied, that yes, both his birthmother and birthfather are bi-racial. I know this family friend meant nothing by asking this questions, she was just curious (she is a very sweet lady, and has known me since birth). I am pretty sure she didn't want to say anything to me, though, for fear of offending me. It is certainly not offensive to us when people ask us if our son is black--he is, just as he is white, and Mexican too. That is part of who he is, and we love him with all that we have--just as he is.

This morning was fun. We had a playdate scheduled, and of course, Little Man always has to poop his pants as we are walking out the door. So I change him, and rush down the hall to head out the door (still carrying LM!), and BAM! Some sweet little girl, who will remain nameless, left her toy PT Cruiser car in the hallway. I stepped on it (doesn't this sound like Home Alone, when Mackulay Culkin puts matchbox cars on the stairs to trip up the burglars??) slid a bit, tried to catch myself, rolled my ankle, and down I went. I was crying--I thought for sure, I had ripped a tendon or something, it hurt so bad--LM was fussing because he bumped his head on the door on the way down, and I hear my dear daughter say..."Mommy, whas wong (what's wrong), Mommy??" She is so maternal. She always gets so concerned when she sees someone crying. After sitting in the hallway for about 5 minutes trying out my ankle, and having LM staring at me like I am crazy, I got up and went on my way. Currently, it is still swollen but ice should help, right??

Well, I am working on a project for LM's birthmom for Christmas. We are meeting them this weekend, and bringing her birthday and Christmas gifts. I will take a picture when I am done, and post it later next week. It turned out pretty cool--I hope she likes it! DH's aunt is flying in tomorrow to visit for a few days. I think we are going to take her to see the local Christmas lights display and the "Town of Bethlehem" tomorrow night. That oughta' be fun.

Ok--I think that is about all. Here are some pictures from the last week. ENJOY!
Here is Bug, LM, and Grandpa HoHo. I don't know if you can see in the picture or not, but LM is chewing on his sock. I almost have to put him down for naps without his socks, for fear he will choke on them. Literally, he will yank off his left sock seconds after you put it back on. Little Stinker! Here is DH holding my best friend's (and LM's godmother) son Samuel. Samuel's father (LM's Godfather) is holding LM. This is the first time they have been together since Samuel was born (in September). LM would get so excited--grunting, and waving his hands, and smiling at Samuel. It was the cutest thing. LM is 5 months old and weighs about 21lbs, and Samuel is 10wks old and weighs 8lbs. One baby is huge for his age, and the other baby is small for his age. Here is Bug holding Samuel. Aunt Erin and LM Aunt Erin keeping LM busy with one of Aunt Donna's crystal Christmas tree ornaments (ssshhhhhh, don't tell!!) Bug getting her hair done before the wedding. If you look in all the wedding pictures, she has this same look on her face....the girl never cracked a smile the whole night!!--oh wait...she did, but only after she was sugared up with cake and punch at 9:30pm! Her hair did turn our pretty nice. I was picking bobby pins out of her hair for 15 minutes after we got home that night, though. I counted them--20 bobby pins.Practicing throwing the rose petals. This was funny--the first time I taught her what to do (walk at the same time as throwing them on the ground), she looked at me like I had a third eye! I know she was thinking..."Why is Mommy telling me to MAKE a mess??" What did I say about that look? She looks scared here...!? My Uncle John holding LM. I couldn't get LM to look at me. He is probably thinking--"what is is with all the bald guys in my family??" Again, with the look. This is right before she layed down on the floor. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that--but I am sure someone else in my family did! Aunt Donna is in the lavender dress, and Uncle Denny is the bald guy. LM and his cousin Killian. Killian is 21 months old...LM is catching up to him! This was the last time Killian wore the outfit his is in here--my sister gave it to me for LM. It is a size 18 months size--I am guessing LM will be able to wear that for Easter. Bug discussing with Mrs. Claus what to tell Santa to bring her for Christmas. She sat here and talked to Mrs. Claus for about 10 minutes. Pastor Bob with Mrs. Claus Cousin Killian claiming the rose petals Aunt Erin, Bug and Killian. Killian is very possessive when anyone else "has" his mommy. Boy, will he have a culture shock in about 8 months when his new brother or sister comes along! My sister and Grandpa HoHo (my dad) And here is our LM, being a big boy and sitting in the bathtub last night. No more baby bathtub!

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