Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nastiest soda ever....

Have you ever tried Honduran soda?? A friend of mine (also the leader of my bible study)--I will call her...ummm, how about "Chris"--anyway, she went on a mission trip to Honduras with our church group (that goes every year). She, bless her heart, brought back coffee (soda for me, because I am not much of a coffee drinker--she is so thoughtful!), and some Honduran cookies for everyone in our bible study group. She is so sweet--always thinking of us.

So, what does a soda from Honduras taste like?? Ummmm, how do I put this--it tastes like banana flavored, bitter, cough syrup with some carbonation. I took the tiniest sip I could (fearing Montezuma's revenge!) without gagging from the smell. Do you know how hard that was??? The banana flavoring was so overpowering--how do the folks in Honduras drink this?? I suppose if it is all you know....

Luckily, the HFMD is gone from our house, and Little Man got lucky and didn't get it (this time, anyway). Bug is healthy and back to her normal, crazy, temper-tantrum throwing, two-year old self. Thank goodness for that! That was not a fun time--at all. I am so relieved that is OVER!

Not much more to blog about--we are heading to visit my family and for my uncle's wedding on Saturday. Bug is going to be the flower girl, which will be interesting. She also has a nice size bruise, and red mark on her neck from taking a fall---because for some reason, she thought it would be smart to stand on top of a plastic bin and jump off. The problem was that she slipped, and came down and hit her neck on the bin--so now she has a big red patch and bruise from collarbone to collarbone. That oughta' look nice in the pictures. :-)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the last few days:
Awww, the kids playing so nicely together
Today, we got the princess ball pit out. Poor LM--he will have alot of pink, princess, girly things to play with.
LM enjoying the ball pit
Playing with Mr. Potato Head

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