Monday, May 25, 2009


This is the kids' early birthday gift....I had been watching the ads and over this weekend, it went on sale, so off I went to get it. We had intended to store it somewhere with a blanket over it till their birthday, but after purchasing it, the box didn't fit in the van. We (me and the salesman) ended up taking all the pieces out of the box to get it to fit. Because of that, we didn't have a choice--once the kids were in bed, we had to put it together. We were putting it together last night at 11pm, in the garage. We put it in the backyard when we were done, and this morning, we told Bug, that we had a surprise for her, made her close her eyes, and led her to the backyard. DH videotaped was so cute. She was so excited...seeing your kids' excitement is better than getting any gift!

We spent the entire weekend working on the house, inside and out to get it ready to be put on the market. We are so glad that 95% of it is done...the rest should be done by Wednesday night when the realtor comes over to take pictures.

On Sunday after church, we took the kids to the park (right next to church). A little friend of Bug's , "K" and his Dad came too. There was a funny conversation I overheard from our two kiddos who were, at the time, on a teeter-totter:
K: Are we done with the ride yet?
Bug: NO
K: Ok....
(enjoying the ride, then about 30 seconds later...) K: Are we done yet?
Bug: NO...I want to ride more!
K: Ok....
Bug: (5 seconds later...) Ok, now we are done. (off they run)

Amazing...she already has him wrapped around his finger. Later, when it was time to go, Bug ran up to him to say goodbye.

(hugging each other)
K: Can I kiss you?
Bug: Ok.... (kiss) Egggghhhhh, YUCK!!! (wiping the kiss off..)

That's my girl....and it better stay like that for at least 15 years!! It was just too cute, though. After the park, it was home to do some more work on the house.

Today, we got up and headed downtown for the Memorial Day parade. It was nice, but Bug decided to cry through pretty much the entire thing, because..."I don't like the drums, Mama!!" She hated the loudness of the marching bands...which is no surprise, she hates loud noises.
Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Bug enjoying her new playhouse
At the parade... A fly by... Bubby and Daddy When she was happy....before the parade started! Waiting for the parade to start
I can't help but remember those who gave their lives, so that we may live the life of freedom that we all do. They are all heroes in my eyes. To those we love, who have passed to a better place...We love you and will never forget you. My dear Grandma (2008), and her first husband, Leo (1962), picture taken on their wedding day in 1944. My dear Grandma (2008), and her second husband, my Grandpa George (1980). This picture was taken in April of 1980.
My husband's dear Grandfather--"Grandpap" (2006). This picture was taken in 2003.
We will never forget you....we love you all very much. Rest in Peace.

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Jennifer said...

My husband did not tell me about the conversation the kids had. He only told my our kids got a chance to play together.