Wednesday, June 24, 2009

keeping my head above water...

Inspection on our house done--everything is fine.
Had son's 1yr pictures taken.
Last minute running around for the big party.
Family came to town Friday night
Pick up balloons for party Saturday morning.
More family and friends arrived for big party a few hours later.
Family stayed till Sunday afternoon.
Kids crashed.
Parents wanted to crash but couldn't. Had to find a house to buy.
Spent two hours on Internet looking for a house.
Found 3 properties to look at. Made appointments to look Monday night.
Dear friend graciously offered to watch both kids Monday night. Bless you.
Total bonk on the three houses.
Found another house--made appointment for Tuesday.
Brother-in-law and wife visit and we attend a baseball game Tuesday night. My team loses.
Another Dear friend watches the kids' while we attend the baseball game. Bless you.
Daughter went swimming in pool in backyard today.
Daughter didn't get burned, Mom did.
Went in for second showing of the house tonight. Still liked it.
Wrote offer.
Daughter has 3yr pictures tomorrow morning.
Daughter and Son have 3yr and 1yr doctor appointments on Friday morning.
Pack for the weekend--going out of state for a baby shower, and visiting with family.
Monday, appraiser visiting our house.
and on, and on, and on....

((starting to go below the surface of the water...))

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