Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October pictures batch #2

Here's more!!
Bubby getting a haircut...
What a cutie!
Cousins came for a visit around Halloween, and we took a trip to a pumpkin farm...
Baby cousin "J" not too happy that she is freezin' her heiney off at the pumpkin farm
My kiddos and our pumpkins
I love that sweet smile
The maze for little ones....the kids loved it!!
Bubby sitting on a scarecrow
Bubby choosing his pumpkin
Bug and a huge gourd!
DH with "A" and "E" in the corn maze
Aunt "T" and her daughter "E" in the corn maze
Baby cousin "J" much happier now that she is under her favorite warm blankie!
...and even happier now that she is napping on her favorite Auntie!!!

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