Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The toilet is fun...

So, I am going to REALLY try to be a good blogger--since that's what my five readers deserve! Well, the first week of November was a busy week. Bug had another appointment with her immunologist--just a follow-up, and she was fine (although, currently we are battling another asthma/allergy reaction)--and the doctor gave us one year's worth of Nasonex samples. Bless his heart--that helped the pocketbook! My Mom arrived later that afternoon to help with the kids while I was recovering from knee surgery. Surgery was on November 5th at noon. It lasted only about 30 minutes, and I finally woke up from the anesthetic at 2:30pm. I love the "cocktails" they put in your IV. Ahhhhhhh. I got home around 3:30, and got to eat dinner. I was famished--I was pretty sure I could eat a horse. Instead, I had some beef roast, potatoes and cooked carrots. Now onto recovery... My Mom, Me and Bug playing a game of CandyLand. This was the first time my Mom allowed me to get up (except for going to the bathroom). It felt so good to sit in a upright position...and it had only been 24hrs.This picture was taken the day before my stitches were out.

My Mom left on Sunday to head home. It was nice to have her here--next time, though, we would rather be shopping and having fun! The beginning of the week, DH stayed and worked form home to help me with the kids. Sometime during those days, when I was hobbling around, not able to get to Bubby in time this happened: much as he loves his blankie...I am surprised he put it in the toilet! I guess it is fun to put the wireless computer mouse in the toilet to see the red light blink-blink-blink-blink....Toilets are fun.

On Thursday (11/12, if you are following along), Bubby and Daddy were participating in a 3 minute segment on the local Fox affiliate to promote the agency we used in Bubby's adoption, and November being "National Adoption Month". Bubby got lots of "screen time", and Bug actually got to help out with the weather man during the forecast. Pretty cool!!

Waiting for the segment to start--watching the live news cast
The best picture I have of them before the segment started
Bug got called up by the meteorologist during his forecast...totally cool! We, of course, recorded the segment at home while we were there, totally not expecting to have Bug "help" with the weather. Since this day, Bug has asked to watch "me on tv!" like a kazillion times....ok really like a hundred times--but it seems like a kazillion times!!So bummed that this picture turned out was such a good picture. The lady holding Bubby is the anchorwoman, Kim.

The next day, I had my stitches taken out--which was a relief. They were itchin' like crazy. The doctor was amazed at my recovery. I was/am on a mission to get back on the treadmill and just to be more healthy, and I can't do that with a bum knee. Later that night, DH's parents came for a short overnight visit...and will be back next weekend to finish their visit.

Saturday, we attended the adoption fundraiser. We were quite surprised when we walked in the door and saw this:BUBBY!!

I guess I just didn't realize they were going to use his picture (this was his 3 month picture) for the welcome sign. We agreed to let them use his picture for their brochures, but they didn't mention this. It was fun! I asked what they were going to do with the poster after the fundraiser, because I would love to have it, but they said they are going to use it for future fundraisers. It will be fun in five years to see his little baby face still on the welcome sign. We had a great time at the fundraiser--good lunch, meeting new friends, and a silent auction. I actually won something--$50 worth of adoption scrapbooking supplies for $20! Yay for me!

Yesterday, Bug had a little program at her preschool for Thanksgiving. Her class sang some songs, then we had a "fruit feast" (fruit salad). It was a fun time, even though we had a choking scare with Bubby. THAT was scary. My Bug with her fruit saladThe best picture I could get of the kiddos together

Here are a few pictures of us goofin' around yesterday:

Fighting over a pair of sunglasses

My happy baby girl....

THERE!! I AM OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP WITH MY BLOG!!! YAY FOR ME! We will see how long that lasts...Have a wonderful week!

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Amanda Berens said...

So glad you joined my blog, now I can remember to pop over and keep up with yours! If you send me the fuzzy pic (full resolution) I can see if I can sharpen it in photoshop.