Monday, February 25, 2008


Here is our little Bug after her hair cut, in preparation for warm, sunny Florida. Hopefully, the weather tomorrow will hold out for us to get on our way...

Since the black fog has left our house (influenza A), we are a much happier bunch. Bug ended up getting two days of nasty fevers, and luckily, that was all for her. DH never had any symptoms....lucky guy! Needless to say, we are chomping at the bit for some sun, fun, beach drinks, sand castles, baseball and of course, MICKEY MOUSE!

We are officially APPROVED! I wasn't even thinking about it, but I went out to get the mail, and there it was--our foster care license! I called the agency to make sure and she verified that we are indeed approved and officially waiting now. According to the certificate, we were approved the same day we dropped off our updated profiles, which was February 20th. How exciting!! Now we can relax...

I will leave you with some pictures of Bug--this is a before picture (look how long her hair was!!)
Another before picture about a week ago:

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