Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yucky Influenza A...

Here is a picture of the Bug at the indoor waterpark. Ignore the chunks of food on her face--this was taken post-lunch! Just her and I went about a week ago, and had such a fun time. Next time, Daddy promises to come along.

Last week was quite busy. We had one adoption class on Tuesday night, and then 5.5 hrs of class on Saturday. Rob's sister came (with her two daughters), to watch Bug and have an enjoyable weekend. They ended up staying an extra day due to some nasty weather. Unfortunately, Rob's brother-in-law had to stay home with our nephew because he couldn't keep his lunch down. We had a good time though, we just missed the boys! :-(

Our social worker called yesterday with the last round of changes to make to our profile, so we made them, and printed out 10 copies. Our online profile was submitted to them too, so hopefully that will be on our agency's website soon. Nothing left to do now, except wait for approval, and wait for a birthmom to choose us. Approval should be done by the end of this week.

On Monday of this week, I started coming down with what I thought was just bronchitis and a sinus infection (accompanied by nasty dizziness--I am a chronic bronchitis person, so that doesn't bother me). After a nasty nose swab at the hospital, and many phone calls, they verified I had "Influenza A". Did I mention this swab wasn't just a normal swab--it was a flexible swab that just didn't just go up your nose, it went "behind" your nose?? Ummmm, OUCH! The kind nurse made my nose bleed. :-( Anyway, I am actually feeling better, only because I am taking every drug I can to get rid of the symptoms. Tylenol Sinus for the face pain, motion sickness pill for the dizziness, inhaler for the bronchial issues, and lots of kleenex. After all that, I actually don't feel so bad! DH and Bug are on preventitive medicine to (hopefully) avoid getting this crappy flu. They have two more doses before they are out of the woods. If by Friday night, they show no symptoms, then they won't get it. That is what we are hoping for.

Anyway, because I just took my motion sickness pill, getting very sleepy....Here are some pictures from the weekend of Bug having fun with her cousins and Aunt:

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