Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our little Brewers Fan!!

Here is our little Bug, getting ready for baseball season....we can't wait!! In about three weeks we will be at a pre-season Twins VS Devil Rays game in Tampa. The warm weather will be a nice change from the yucky stuff we have been having here.

Speaking of I type, we are in the process of getting 10-16 inches of snow. Yes, you read right. We should have about a foot of snow by early evening tonight. I have already snowblowed once today (my exercise, because I don't feel like going on the treadmill today!), and will do it once more as soon as it stops. This morning at 7am when I was out for the first round of snowblowing, we had approximately 5 inches. I would say, it has at least doubled, if not more. (thinking wonderful, warm, sunny Florida thoughts...)

Adoption Update: Because of the above mentioned snow blizzard we are having, our meeting that was supposed to be this morning at 8:30am, was re-scheduled to yesterday at 3:30pm. Our SW came to our house, and was here about two hours. She toured the house, and we just chatted about parenting in general, then parenting adoptive vs biological, then parenting multi-racial children. It was interesting, and we gained some insight. She gave us some references, then she was on her way. DONE!! Our next step is to wait for our second draft of the profile to come back with any changes, print our 10 copies and get them to the agency, and pay our fee. After the fee is paid, they will release our profile to birthmothers for consideration. Soooo, hopefully, God will bless us very soon with a little bundle. We are so excited just thinking about it....

That is about all for now--I will take some pictures of the yuck outside and post them tomorrow. Until I have to go out and snowblow again, I am going to go get my coffee, chocolate, a nice warm blankie, and a good book. More tomorrow...

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