Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Three Sisters hit Vegas, Baby!!!

I am still recovering from Vegas...So because I am still sooooo tired, I am just going to leave you with my highlight pictures..Hope you enjoy! By the way, I wore my pedometer the entire weekend...in four days, we walked 26 miles!! DH put it like this--"you walked a marathon in four days!" Sounds alot more when you say it like that...

This is a view of the Strip from our 15th floor hotel room (fancie-dancie hotel room, that is!!)

Here is a picture of our resort--The Red Rock Resort and Casino--I won this trip courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres show! Thanks Ellen!
The Trump Tower--I guess "The Donald" was in town the day before for the Grand Opening.
Kim and Tracy in the Botanical Garden At Caesar's Palace...
At the NY NY hotel The next few are pictures of the Strip at night from the top of the Stratosphere
Boy, am I glad I brought our new camera with me to Vegas! This picture turned out REAL well!
The fountains at the Bellagio--they go off every 15 minutes at night, choreographed to a song. Very cool! Heading home--this is a picture of the Strip (on left) and the airport (on right), about two minutes after taking off.
Cool picture of the mountains on the way home...

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