Monday, April 7, 2008

A Wonderful Day....

How beautiful are these daffodils?? A friend of mine surprised me, and stopped over this morning with these for my birthday. How nice! Thanks Jennifer!! Is is so nice when someone surprises you!

Well, I am a year older. I am 25....and holding! Or maybe 32, I don't remember! My memory is so horrible!?! :-) Anyway, I had a wonderful day. I did absolutely nothing, except play and have fun with Bug. We met Daddy at Stonefire Pizza for dinner. The best way to describe Stonefire Pizza is a very upscale Chuck E. Cheese with a buffet, and lots of games for older kids/adults too, including bumper cars, and a rock climbing wall. We had such a fun time. (I will post pictures at the end of this post.) Bug love trying to roll the balls to help Mommy play skee-ball.

We did have a somber moment--we were in the toddler area, and there was a Mom, Dad, and daughter (who after talking to the them, we found out the little girl's name was Claire, and she was a month younger than Bug). The Dad was a quadriplegic. I watched him watching his little girl run around playing with our Bug, and was in awe. He had so much joy in just watching her--you could just tell. Simple things like looking up to see your daughter playing in the gym he couldn't do without blowing in a straw that controlled his wheelchair to back-up. We as a society just take too much for granted. I am just as guilty as the next person. After talking with them for a few minutes, we left to head to a different play area. It was a kind reminder of the blessing of health we all have. Next time Bug runs off, and I get cranky because I have to run after her, I will just think of that Father watching his precious daughter, knowing he will never be able to run after her. Very humbling...

I am so excited about going to Las Vegas on Friday....I am also nervous as heck about leaving Bug for 3 days too! I think I am underestimating the emotions I am going to have. This will be the first time I will have been away from Bug for more than 8 hours--EVER!! Luckily, DH will be taking Bug to visit with his parents, so hopefully, she will be occupied enough to ease her missing her Mama. Recently, she has been connected at my hip, basically. I think it is fair to say, that I am sure I will have fun, but a big part of me will still be with my Bug...(and of course my DH!!)

That is about all here--Here are some pictures from my "25th birthday party":

Here we are playing skee-ball (actually I think it was called "Ice-ball" Bug is holding the "iceball"
Bug in the "water room" in the toddler area Look at all the tickets Bug won shooting basketballs!!! Daddy helping Bug shoot baskets
Ignore the "32"--I don't know why DH put that there--it should say "25"!!
Making a wish...and just being grateful for what we have.

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