Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our Chrisum Tee

So here is our Bug wrapping herself in Christmas tree lights (or as Bug says.."Chrisum Tee lights"). It was so fun to see her actually getting excited and helping put the tree up and putting the ornaments on. Yes, we are the crazy ones that have our tree up already. The ONLY reason it is up already is for the next four weekends, we are either real busy, or out of town.

Bug has only fallen into the tree once so far--no broken ornaments--just a scratched chin. I am wondering how many broken ornaments we will have by January 1st....anyone want to wager a bet??

We are having a pretty calm week--my favorite kind! Bug and Little Man went shopping this morning and picked out some "Chrisum Peasants" for Daddy this morning. I literally let Bug pick out what she wanted to get Daddy for Christmas. Stay tuned for a post-Christmas blog to see that! :-)

I got a exciting call this morning from our social worker--we got our court date for finalization of Little Man's adoption!! We got a December court date, and we are so excited! It will feel so good to be able to just know that he has our name, and is legally OUR son. It makes me tear up just thinking of that day. God sure blessed us with him, and we are forever grateful. What an awesome Christmas gift!

Potty progress: Bug refuses to use a potty seat now--in fact, I cleaned them off, and packed them away. She has to sit on the big potty, "jus like mommy!". That is fine--makes my life easier! No dragging a potty seat to Target when you have to go shopping. I don't even bother taking a pair of extra pants with me anymore. Each week she is getting better. YAY, BUG!!

DH is picking up our professional pictures tonight on his way home from work. I will post them in a couple of days. In the meantime here is a cute one of our Little Man:

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