Friday, November 7, 2008

Not what it looks like....

I have been meaning to blog since Monday night....this week has been crazy busy. So much has happened...where do I begin?

First of all, the picture to the left is not what it looks like. Bug was on the potty, and I asked her if she went poo, and she said YES! I checked and looked a little closer, and found she had thrown a rock in the toilet. That little stinker!! She thought she would fake me out to get some chocolate pudding (her treat for going #2 on the potty)!!

On Saturday we went as a family to the local Babies R Us to help promote National Adoption Month (November), by sitting at a Bethany Christian Services table and handing out info to interested families. We met a couple other families with AA children (adopted from Ethopia), so that was nice. We also met a family who are currently waiting for "the call" through our local agency. It is always nice to meet other families who are going through the process, and lend some advice.

Bug was full of "funnies" this week. On Sunday, we had a funny moment at church. At the beginning of communion, our Pastor said..."on the night HE was betrayed, HE took bread, broke it...." . Bug heard him say "broke the bread" and she yelled "SAMICH" (sandwich)!! Just goes to show, when you think they aren't listening, they really are! Later in the week, I was making a PB&J "samwich" for her, for lunch, and then I used a mitten cookie cutter to make a fun shape. Later in the meal, I watched her try to put the "mitten" on her hand....

Another change came this week: Little Man moved into his new bed, and now shares a bedroom with is big sister. Out of the pack-n-play, and into the crib. He did just fine, and so did Mommy! It is amazing how more relaxed you are with your second child. Little Man also has started to suck his thumb. I thought when Bug was little and she started sucking her thumb, it was so cute (I still think it is...). The problem comes when he gets teeth, and is still sucking his thumb, then his teeth start to look like Bugs buck teeth. O-Well....At least when they are older, we will keep the dentist/orthodontist in business!

Well, DH's parents are on their way to visit for the weekend. We are looking forward to it. DH and I are going to try to get out for a date sometime this weekend. Next week is very busy for us. Monday we are going to Little Man's birthmom's last basketball game of the season. Tuesday, we have to be at the adoption agency at 8am for signing documents for finalization (SO EXCITING!!), Wednesday Mommy has a dentist appt (both kids are coming with me--that oughta' be fun), Thursday we have a playdate, and Friday we are having a family picture taken. I should think about fitting flu shots in there somewhere too. Here are a few pictures from the week--Enjoy! Another dress that I got for Bug...I think this is the one she will wear to my Uncle Denny's wedding on Dec 6th After a bath... His new love--his thumb! Please ignore the fact that he is covered up with a shirt (of mine). I will just say that his diaper didn't hold up, and I didn't want to wake his big sister (naptime is VERY important to me!!) up to get another outfit. Add some black and white face paint, and this would be the Gene Simmons look!

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