Friday, November 16, 2007

Da-Ba Deeeeee

Here is a picture of Bug playing with some "dough". It is so much different from play-doh. This stuff is homemade, non-toxic (of course), scented, tastes bitter (so the kids don't eat it), "crumble-free" and is sooooo fun!! This was a good buy I got at a craft fair about a month ago. It is actually called Double D Dough...(Can you believe that Grammy?)

Adoption update: We had an informational meeting on Wednesday, with a local agency, Bethany Christian Services. They are a nationwide agency, they just happen to have a local office. We are 98% sure we will be using them as our agency. We will be meeting one-on-one with a social worker at the agency probably sometime in the next week or so. The total cost is more expensive than the other agency we were looking at, but Bethany includes the legal fees, and cost of training and classes that we have to go through to become "paper ready" for placement. The majority of birthmother matches Bethany makes are all in-state too, so that aleviates cost for travel. So, that is where we are at now. More updates to follow, as we get them.

Daddy is going to clean up a highway tomorrow with some fellow employees, for a couple of hours. Not us, we will be warm and cozy in our nice warm house. Daddy hates being cold, so I was surprised to find out he VOLUNTEERED to do this, but whatever.

Bug has been starting to say quite a few words recently. She has said "cracker", "computer" and "da-ba deeeeee". We have no idea what this means, nor will we probably ever know. You just smile and nod....

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Mz A. said...

Aww.. Bug is pretty :-)