Friday, November 30, 2007

Toughen Up!!!

I am officially ready for spring! It is nasty cold, and it won't be getting any better. We are on schedule for a nasty winter storm, including rain, sleet and snow. Lovely. I am glad we did our grocery shopping tonight! Another interesting note--I had to replace my zipper on my winter coat, so I won't get it back till Monday. :-)

Adoption update: Not much to update. Our scheduled Thursday meeting got cancelled due to the flu--not with us, with the social worker in charge of domestic adoptions. She actually called from home, to tell us the flu had hit her house. I could hear her kids in the background. So, Monday we will reschedule, hopefully for sometime next week.

This nasty winter storm is yet another reason I strive to be done shopping by December 1st. I am officially done, by the way. I just am waiting for some last minute online orders to come, then I will do the rest of the wrapping. What a relief. :-)

Bug did a weird thing today. She is a huge Elmo/Sesame Street fan. This afternoon, well after Sesame Street was over, we were playing with her little Elmo doll, and I started singing the Elmo's World song. Do you know what she did?!?! Out came the bottom lip, and she got tears in her eyes!! She was trying not to cry, you know how kids do. She then proceeded to go to the top of the stairs and "look" for Elmo (our TV is downstairs). It was sort of cute, but then I felt bad, because she was genuinely sad (I am assuming because she couldn't see the "real" Elmo). Daddy would say..."Toughen up!!"

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