Monday, November 26, 2007

A perfect example of decreasing brain cells....

Well, we made it through two family visits, three turkey/mashed potatoes/rolls/cassaroles/fruit salads/yummy pie meals, and nasty traffic during our four hour ride home. Bug was actually squealing with joy, when she got to play for a couple of hours after we got home last night.

We enjoyed visiting both families. We missed Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim, as they were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. We missed Uncle Michael, and cousin Erin, as they were sick with the flu, and we didn't want to risk getting 103 degree fevers, and raging headaches. No Thanks! We got to see Uncle John and Aunt MJ, who we haven't seen for awhile. We also got to see Uncle Mike and his new puppy. We also stayed at my best friend's house, although we didn't get to see them at all, as they were visiting their family.

My DH has a new addiction--Family History. He has recently found out he is distantly related to Alec Baldwin and the Wright Brothers. There is nothing wrong with being related to the Wright Brothers, however, I wouldn't let too many people know about the link to the Baldwin brothers. I can think of many other famous people that I would rather be related to, than the Baldwin brothers!!

Today, I am starting to put up Christmas decorations. I's still November, but I am excited for this Christmas. It will be so much more fun with Bug this year! She gets so excited when she sees Christmas trees, lights or decorations. We can't wait! I am also working on laundry today from our long weekend. Last night, I threw a load of jeans in and got them in the dryer before I went to bed. This morning, I was separating the rest of the laundry, and unloaded the dryer (load of jeans from last night). I promptly started the washer, dumped the detergent, and grabbed the closest basket of "dirty" laundry...yes, you guessed it--the jeans load I had just pulled out of the dryer!! I didn't realize this was the same load of jeans until it was too late. I wonder just how many brain cells I have?? Ughhhhhh.

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