Friday, December 14, 2007

My favorite daytime woman....Ellen!!

I got a awesome call tonight. I had been out shopping when (I guess) my cell phone rang. Because I was on a mission to get what I needed to get and get the heck out of the stores, I must have not heard the phone ring. Anyway, I got home and my cell phone beeped to let me know a message was waiting. I checked the message, and this is what it said.."This is Mark calling from the Ellen Degeneres Show, calling to let you know you have won Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giveaways sweepstakes.." He then proceeded to give me instructions on how to get my prizes. Prize value is over $1400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Among the prizes--Two nights at the Red Rock Luxury Resort in Las Vegas (including a massage at their spa)! Check out the website to see my name on the winners list and see what else I won!!

So, I got this call at 8pm--it is now almost 11pm, and I am still so excited I can't go to sleep! Of course, DH is sound asleep. He never gets too excited about anything. This is crazy--I still can't believe I won this...ya see, I have never won anything...I mean ANYTHING in my life--well, except the cabbage patch doll when I was in 3rd grade. Anyway, that is my news for today.

Tomorrow, DH is planning on being to the stores at 7am to shop for me and Bug for Christmas. The only other thing we will be doing this weekend is baking some cookies and relaxing....and of course I will be planning what to do in Vegas next year!!! Thanks Ellen!!!

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