Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Nasty cold, Perquacky, and a lint picker

Well, Christmas was an adventure this year. We started at DH's family, then went through a nasty blizzard, spent a night at a hotel, then onto my family. On the way home (from visiting my family) on Christmas Day, Bug screamed half of the way home (about 2hrs--last time she did this she had a nasty ear infection...). Now, as it stands we are on day two of diarrhea, and a nasty cold. You can tell in this picture, she doesn't look extremely happy. Through all this crazy travelling and sickness, we still took an extra day and had our celebration of Jesus' birth. It was so fun to just see the wonder and joy in our daughter's eyes. It is a constant reminder of the miracle she is. We are so grateful.

Santa brought Mommy a heated mattress pad...that I will be trying out for the first time in about 15 minutes...Ahhhhhh--Who needs DH for a heat source when you have that! Santa brought Daddy an autographed baseball--Geoff Jenkins. Pretty cool. I guess Santa thought it would be funny to get Mommy the game Perquacky...I hate that game. Santa knows I hate that game, yet, Merry Christmas Mommy! I guess I was on the naughty list this year. I would rather have a raging cold than play that game. Looks like I will get to do both! (hmmmmm, autographed baseball vs Perquacky..) Thanks Santa. Bug is officially a Elmo Freak...She loves her Elmo's! Thanks Grandma Kris, Uncle Dan and Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim!

Bug has started a gross habit--picking the lint from between her toes after we take her socks off. Lovely. Because our little angel is such a good girl, she will actually pick the lint and go put it in the garbage. At least she throws it out, right??? I keep remembering, if this is the worst, she will be just fine! I have learned to just let the minor things go, and in a couple of days she won't be doing it anymore. Geez, I hope that works with this, otherwise there will be alot of teasing in her future!!

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