Saturday, June 7, 2008

More than a fingertip!!!

Here is a picture of Bug in her swimming pool this morning. When we woke up, the outside thermometer said 91 degrees. We got up, went on a bike ride to a park to play, then came home for a swim. Yay!! Summer is finally here--you also know that by the amount of severe storms and tornadoes we have had recently. Yikes....I guess that would be the not-so-fun side of summer.

This week was crazy--we were so busy, by last night, I was starting to feel sick. I think I just got worn down from the crazy busy week we had. I have been taking OTC allergy pills, and am starting to feel better. We are going to be pretty low-key this weekend (and week), and stay home (except for "H's" appointment on Tuesday)

"H's" doctor's appointment went well on Tuesday. She had a non-stress test done, in which she had a contraction during the test. The baby is fine, still measuring right on. She was dilated to "half a fingertip", and her cervix is softening. We were all hoping for "a fingertip", but I guess you have to start somewhere, right?! (for all of us, please pray for "more than a fingertip" for our next appointment!!) After the appointment, "H", her mom, and I went out for dinner. On the way to dinner, they showed me the hospital, and the entrance we will use when we arrive. That hospital was nice!!! It didn't even look like a hospital.....very modern and sleek looking. Next time we are there for an appointment, I will try to remember to take a picture. After dinner, and much conversation, I headed home. It was a long, emotional drive home for me. I cried most of the way, just thinking of the selfless act that "H" is doing, and the unbelievable joy this is bringing to us. I think it finally hit me that we will have two children very soon, when "H" started talking about what will happen at the hospital. I had tears just listening to her talk. God planned this whole situation so well, I am constantly in awe of HIM. It is amazing how much love there already is for this child...

Here are a few more pic's:
Our baby birdies learned to fly, and are gone now. (This pic was taken on Wednesday)
Bug in her "pool". I didn't realize that the "pool" was only ankle deep (and you actually didn't blow it up, you filled it with water causing the fountains) when I bought in on clearance last fall. O-well, she doesn't care....she is in the water!
Sitting on the fountains..
Drink Break!!!

Four Eyes!!!This last one is of Bug and her friend, Lily at a kids museum on Tuesday. The girls are playing dress up on stage!

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