Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a good big sister...

Here is a picture of Bug lovin' on Little Man. She loves her new brother, and is quite a good helper too!! She loves to hold him and feed him....Now we just have to figure out how to teach her to change his diapers!! :-)

Both kids went to the doctor on Tuesday. Little Man got checked out and is healthy. No need for a "billy blanket", like the hospital thought he might need. On Monday, he looked a tad yellow, but the doctor wasn't worried. I don't see any yellow now at all, so all is fine. Bug, however, was very unhappy at her appointment. She started to cry the instant we walked into the exam room (and she saw the nurse). When we were waiting for the Doctor to come in after the nurse left, Bug immediately said..."All-done, bye-bye, car." Both DH and I cracked up laughing....she hadn't even gotten her shot yet, and she wanted to get the heck out of there!! She is a smart cookie!

Little Man is such a good good natured. He only cries when he is getting changed, or is hungry. Even then, sometimes you have to wake him to feed....he is such a good sleeper!!
Prayer request: Please continue to pray for Little Man's first mommy. She has some tough, emotional days, and could use all the prayers she can get. We love her, and just want her to be able to heal, and be happy. Also, my best friend's (who is having a boy who will have the same name as our "Little Man" in October) husband may have cancer again. He is going to be going to numerous doctors in the next few weeks to determine if the swelling in his face is cancer, or HOPEFULLY, just a swollen/infected lymph node. Please pray for good test results, and NO CANCER!!!

I am too tired for more--I have the early (Little Man) shift tonight which means my bedtime should have started an hour ago....I am short an hour of sleep already for tomorrow! Yikes...Here are some fun pictures from the last couple of days. Enjoy!
A Daddy's Love... A fresh, clean baby....and a half-smile too!! Bug must think we are Jewish and celebrating seems as though every day she has had a gift delivered either for being a new big sister, or a belated birthday gift...this one came from Great-Uncle John, and Great-Aunt MJ. She loves it!! Daddy goofin' with Little Man, while Mommy and Bug had some shopping girl time... Bug feeding her little brother Bug helping Daddy fix the recliner His first trip to the park....3 days old. He loves being carried in the front carrier! I saved the best for last....what a little peanut. We love him so much....

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