Friday, June 13, 2008

Should we build an ark???

Here is a picture of DH with Bug on a walking bridge in our downtown area. The river was at an all time high--although it is nothing compared to the poor people in Iowa. Our town is primarily ok. Yes, there are quite a few with water damage, but if you look at the big picture (easier for me to say--our sump pump never even kicked on!) our area was not as bad as lots of other areas.

It has been another busy week here. Tuesday saw another doctor appointment with "H", followed by some yummy Dairy Queen. (Mmmmm, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard!) Update on Baby: Baby still is loving the warm inside. "H" is 50% effaced, and not quite 1cm dilated--this was as of Tuesday. The good news is she was 0% effaced the week before, and has gone to 50% in a week. We are definitely getting close. We are (hopefully) going to get together with "H" on Monday too--just to spend more time with her, maybe show her our neighborhood, church, etc.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim are coming Saturday for our annual baseball weekend. We are looking forward to catching up with them, having fun at the ballgames, and eating burgers and brats!

Next week is looking awfully busy...Monday is (probably) a day visiting with "H", Tuesday afternoon is "H" weekly appointment, Wednesday Bug gets her 2yr pictures taken, and Thursday my parents are coming to spend some time with us before Bug's 2nd birthday party (on Saturday--her actual birthday). It will be nice to have them here to help (and even better, if a certain baby decided he/she wants to come out of it's warm comfy world!) We are looking forward to her party, and are having quite a few people over. Should be a jumpin' "Abby Cadabby" party!!!

Here are a few pictures of our downtown flooding and a few of Bug at the park yesterday:

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