Friday, October 31, 2008

Rock-a-mama cookies....

Here's a picture of the kids from this morning. I figured I better take a picture while I had happy kids.

Bug went out for her first "real" Halloween tonight. DH went out with her first, while LM and I sat on the steps and handed out candy. I can't remember the last Halloween that I was able to sit outside in a short-sleeved sure was nice though. After Bug and Daddy got back, I took her to our friends, Dave and Jen's house. Dumbo had to use the potty as soon as we got to Dave and Jen's house, then we headed out to some houses in their neighborhood. Every time she would get a treat from a house (after she said thank-you), she would say..."One more, Mommy!" I kept telling her "ok, one more". Finally, the wind picked up, and it got cold, so that was it for us. She still didn't want to go home though, and threw a "terrible two" temper tantrum in the driveway of Dave and Jen's house....O-well.
So, we get home, dump the loot (pictures will follow this entry), and she talks to Little Man. Little Man FREAKED OUT! He started crying, and not just fussing, seriously crying. I could not console him. Every time he looked at her his bottom lip would come out, and he would just scream. I think he could hear her voice and see her face, but was scared by Dumbo??? Who knows, but as soon as the "Dumbo head" came off, LM beamed a huge smile at her.

Another funny thing....Bug repeats EVERYTHING she hears now. I was looking at a ad for the local grocery store, and they are actually selling Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin cookies (yes, the cookies actually have their faces on them!!). I made a comment on how ridiculous it is to have their faces on cookies. The next thing I hear is: "Rock-a-mama Cookies"!! Bug calls Barack Obama, rock-a-mama. Pretty funny....

I think that is all for now...I will leave you with some pictures from this week:
This is the same face she made every time she put her hand in the pumpkin...hilarious!
From left: Little Man, Bug, Mommy and Daddy
Would you believe this was only the second picture we had to take to get a good one?!
Bug and her pumpkin
Little Man and his pumpkin
Bug reading her teddy bear a catalog...(this chair was Great-Grandma Polly's favorite, now it's at our house)
Dumbo is taking a horsey ride
"I LOVE HALLOWEEN---CANDY, CANDY, CANDY!! (dentist, fillings, cavities!)"
"I don't know what Halloween is, but it is 70 degrees outside and Mommy has me dressed in this silly outfit, and I am hot, so I will just smile so I can be done with this!"
Kiddos playing their first board game, and LM body slamming baby gigi...
He loved this game....what a big boy!! He is sitting up so well...
Bug trying on a new dress that she might wear for her Great-Uncle's wedding (it is a 4T!)
Bug and her friend, Curt. He stopped over while out Trick-or-Treating
The Loot
This picture was taken to show just exactly how big the "Dumbo head" was...this costume was a size 18-24 months. (???)

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