Monday, January 12, 2009

Sewa Teatma Pant, Mommy!!

Nice bowling stance, aye? She takes after her Daddy!! :-) Well, another crazy week down. Eleven days till we leave for Florida....Ahhhh. Warm(er) weather. A time to get away from the snow, to have our first family (of four!) vacation, to see LM play in the sand for the first time, and most importantly, just time to get away, and enjoy each other. We will see about the "enjoy each other" after taking a toddler and a baby through airport security with two car seats, a double stroller, and all the other junk. I will need a drink BEFORE I even make it on the plane!!

Last week started with a visit to the pediatrician for LM. He had a weird "gunky" rash in his eye (I figured was an infection). I was right. After waiting in the drive up at a pharmacy for approx 15 minutes (they got the script wrong because of a oopsie with his recent name change...), we made it home with the antibiotic. I checked the paperwork when I got home. Guess how much it would have cost us for this prescription if we hadn't had insurance. For the record, we got exactly 7 grams of a ointment. ((waiting for guesses...)) It would have cost us $220!!!! $220 for 7 grams of ointment!?!?! Holy crap. For that price, it should hop out of the closet, take it's own cap off, and apply itself to my son's eye!!!

Nothing much more happened during the week. On Friday, I went out to a movie and dinner with a friend of mine. We saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I loved the movie. The weird part for me was when the hummingbirds appeared (twice) to signify souls after death (what I thought anyway). It was an excellent movie though, and I would go see it again.

Saturday, we had some friends over for dinner and playing some games. We had a fun time, and Bug just loves her "uncle" Dave and "aunt" Jen. Jen brought the best apple crisp I have ever had. She gave me the recipe, so watch out--I will probably be bringing it to the next family function! We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Then the fun really began. I went to bed about 11:30 on Saturday night feeling perfectly fine. I woke an hour later, and had trouble breathing, stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. Great. I am getting sick. As of today, the cold has turned into (I am sure) bronchitis. I will be going to the doctor, probably tomorrow. I just have to get rid of this, and make sure no one else gets it before next Friday. Grrrr, we better be able to go to Florida!!

OH, I almost forgot. To explain the title of this blog entry--Bug has been asking where her pee-pee goes. I would tell her it goes down the drain. That seemed like a good enough of an answer for her. Well, about a week ago, Daddy was helping her go potty, and she asked him..."Daddy, where pee-pee go..? Daddy, being the engineer that he is, replied..."your pee-pee goes to the sewage treatment plant, honey..." Now every time she goes potty, she exclaims..." Pee-Pee go Sewa Teatma Pant, Mommy!!!" Lovely.
My babies... Saturday morning, we took LM outside for his first time in the snow. It was one of the fastest photo shoots I have done. He hated it. He never cried, but had a scowl on his face the entire time. Daddy being goofy. It shows how much snow we have in our front yard, though. Bug is sitting on the driveway. We had to tell her not to eat the snow that Daddy had just shoveled from the driveway. She insisted in continuing to eat the snow, so we moved her to the untouched white snow in the middle of the yard.... OH HUSH...we all ate snow as kids!!! :-) Getting ready to take a yummy bite of "driveway snow" The kiddos My snow angels... Snacking on the "good" snow...

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