Sunday, January 18, 2009

A dealer that can't add to 21 ?!?!?!

Isn't this picture precious?? Bug is such a Mommy to him, it is so cute!! Well, we are five days from sitting in the warm Florida sun. I am so itchin' to get there, I can barely stand it! I have bece such a homebody when it comes to going out in the cold--I hate it! It dosen't help that to go out I have to bundle two kids--one can't get out the door fast enough, and the other one screams every time we have to put his coat on. I will make sure to take some good pictures of the beach to show you, all my devoted readers.

Well, we went to DH's "holiday" party. It was at a local (real nice) hotel, in their conference center. We got a babysitter, and spent five hours away from the kids. We were excited to get away and have a date, but after the fact, we realized that we didn't say more than about 10 words to each other. I was busy talking to the wives of DH's co-workers, and DH was busy talking to his co-workers. After the dinner, they had a casino night. It was pretty fun...DH and I and one of his co-workers (and her husband) played Blackjack for about an hour. All I have to say, is thank goodness it wasn't real money!! I got some major help from DH's co-worker's husband--THANKS CHAD!! He was so funny--he was doing all these things (doubling-up, etc) that the dealer didn't even know about. It was hilarious...I am not sure though where they got some of their "dealers". There was one lady that seemed as though she couldn't even add her cards to 21, to pay us out?! Ummmm, ok. A dealer that can't add to 21?? We had a good time, but near the end I head to the bathroom, and find that I have to use the facilities without flushing, and wash my hands with bottled Evian water. Turns out a pipe burst, so they had to shut off the water for the ENTIRE hotel. Glad I didn't have a room there--

Bug has been doing so well with her potty training. Normally, she will have no accidents most days, except from 5-8pm. For whatever reason, her thimble bladder won't hold anything during those hours. She piddles in her pants like every 20 minutes or so--I was getting so irritated. WELL, after we got home from DH's party, I talked to the babysitter, and she said that Bug went on the potty all by herself every time, never threw a fit, and had NO accidents. WHAT?!!? Is this the same child we are talking about?? Surely, there is some kind of mistake--she pees all the time at night?!?! We are hoping she FINALLY figured it was wonderful. She had no accidents, went to the potty when she needed to, never threw a fit. How nice it was to not have to soak undies/pants 4-5x's a day!!! Ahhhhh. Now we just have to tackle the nighttime/nap time issue, and by then, it will be time to start over with potty training Little Man.

Well, other than the party, we spent this weekend getting ready for vacation. I dug out the suitcases, started piling clothes/swimsuits/sandals/beach towels/shorts etc, and then I really got excited. I checked the weather channel, and Tampa shows 76 and sunny for the day we are heading to Magic Kingdom. Perfect. I will say hi to Mickey for all of you!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend: Here is poor LM after waking up from a nap. We put him to bed with wet hair...this is a major bad hair day!! Again with the bad hair... Bug under a pillow pile!! (cheap entertainment!!) In about two years this will probably be a regular occurrence!! The funniest part of this picture is the saying on LM's bib "I can't be good all the time!" Just goofin' around I love this little the way, his hair is MUCH better here! My two kiddos, who I love more than anything in the world....

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Heather Hodach said...

Okay- not only will the picture w/LM on top of the cushions w/ Bug underneath be a regular occurance, but I don't think she'll be giggling and he'll be dangling spit over her face! (He looks like he's practicing in the one pic!)