Monday, February 23, 2009

Lots of babies...

Here is Bug watching Daddy shovel up the end of the driveway after the plow came through Saturday afternoon. The whole time he was out there, she was yelling..."Daddy, frow a snowball--but be carefo!!". He threw many snowballs, that I thought for sure would crack the window. This from the same man who in 10 years will be reprimanding our children for doing the same thing. I am not sure what the official snowfall was, but I am guessing we got at least 6 inches. Yuck. I have never been more sick of snow than I am this winter--maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have two kids this year, and it just takes too much energy to bundle them both up to go somewhere when we have a bad case of "cabin fever". I am counting down the days till spring--spring jackets, no hats, mittens, boots. It can't come fast enough!

LM is quite the crawler now. Bug has gotten real good with taking toys away from him that are hers (or that she just doesn't want him to have--because she is a bossy older sister!), and giving him a toy that is his. I am actually working on transitioning LM to a sipee cup (purely for that bad?). For breakfast and lunch today, he did real well. He will be an easy child to transition to milk--I just have a feeling. Might have something to do with his easy-going personality. He really doesn't care how the food gets to his mouth, he just wants it.

The kiddos are still battling this cold. It has definitely gotten better, they just still have horrible coughs. Both have had these coughing attacks in the middle of the night, that just sound horrible--like they can't catch their breath. Not sure what that is all about.

A few pictures:How many babies does one little girl need?? This is a picture of 10 of her babies...we have had a casualty or of the "triplets" took a swim in the toilet awhile back, so she went to "a new home". Don't worry Aunt Erin....if you are having a girl, we have plenty of babies to share! In the last few days, LM has learned to walk around furniture too. Yikes...

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