Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Days 5 - 7

Day 5 started out with us making the 90 minute trip from our hotel on the beach to DH's grandparents' house. The kids were great on the trip. We arrived at their house, and Grandma was gone visiting Grandpa who was still in the hospital recovering from his pacemaker surgery. We had lunch and took some pictures, because both kids were so happy... A cute picture of LM As soon as Grandma arrived, Bug told her she wanted to put her "piggies" in the "simmin' poo" I think it was approx. 4 minutes before we were in the pool...I couldn't resist--the water was 88 degrees!! My little snickerdoodle... Great-Grandma and Bug Two cool kiddos with their shades on, and one cool Great-Grandma! (morning of Day 6, waiting for the pool to warm up...)Watching a real hungry squirrel get some birdie food (still waiting for the pool to warm up!) The gang swimming--LM was actually swimming for about an hour. Mommy and Bug stayed and swam for three hours!!! She was a zombie by the end of the three hours.... Grandma giving a swimming lesson... Our LM loving the pool... Just Goofin' around... Cute picture...LM is pretty tired here...(doesn't it look like they could be related?? Same brown skin, same brown curly hair, same eyebrows??) Playing with the lei's that came from Aunt Tracy and family when they were visiting in Aug 08' (This was taken Wednesday night--Grandpa had just gotten home from the hospital) Good thing we got our 3 hours of swimming in the day before, because all it did on Thursday (Day 7) was rain, and rain, and rain. Bug was so stir-crazy, we let her go outside anyway...we all needed some sanity! Cutie-Pie! Grandma, Bug and LM Grandpa, Daddy and Bug taking a walk in the rain...check out the nice yellow grass! While they were walking, Grandma had some more quality time with LM Grandpa and LM Grandma and Grandpa and the two kiddos
Taking some family pictures at the end of Day 7...This turned out pretty good--this was only the second picture we had to take! That NEVER happens with little kiddos...

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