Monday, February 2, 2009

Without a hitch...

So, we are back at the North Pole. I got real spoiled for a week--both with the weather, and having my DH with me all week. We both agreed that this vacation was the best we have ever had. The vacation was wonderful in all aspects. I don't think it could be more perfect. No one got sick, we didn't lose our luggage, no major catastrophes, both kids were absolute angels, and we had a wonderful time. I can say it was one of the most stress-free vacations I have ever had. (yes, even with two little ones!) The basics: we spent 4 days at our hotel on the beach (North Redington Beach), went to Magic Kingdom one day, then went to spend three days with DH's grandparents. It was so nice to see them--and for them to meet LM. Grandpa had a bit of a scare though--he had a "episode" and ended up having surgery to have a pacemaker put in. Luckily, we got to spend some time with him after he was released from the hospital. We are so grateful that he is recovering nicely.

Since we took a "gazillion" pictures, I will probably post in multiple posts--just because it is easier. Enjoy!

Day One (Friday) started with us getting to our hotel about 2-3ish in the afternoon. After unpacking, and having a snack we headed to the beach. Here are a few from our day on the beach on Friday:This sling was way worth the $30 it cost!
Sandy Hands! This is a huge piece of sponge that washed up on the shore--I can't believe it sat there all day without being disturbed. Pretty cool picture--Props to DH on that one!

This was taken on Saturday morning about 7am...both kids were up early, and what better way to start your day than a walk on the beach?? Note Bug is in pajama pants, a jacket, and sandals. Nice combo! Saturday afternoon at the beach
My Bug being goofy--maybe shocked that I did what she requested--covered her in sand! Cutie-Patootie! This is one of the best pictures I could get of LM. Once we actually put him in the sand, he refused to look up at the camera. He was mesmerized with the sand. He managed to get a few tastes of the sand...before I could catch him. YUCK!
This was taken on Saturday night by our friends, Randy and Amanda. They live in Tampa, and came to our hotel on Saturday night to eat dinner with us, and just chill. Thanks guys for the good picture!Our friends Randy and Amanda and our crew--Amanda is a co-worker of DH's Another cool picture!!

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Sara said...

These sunset pictures are priceless. I am soooo glad you had a great time.