Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green milk is our St.Patty's Day....

Here is a picture of Bug on St.Patty's Day. Our SPD consists of green milk on our cereal, and green jello at lunch (which I meant to make, but it just didn't happen this year...), so I guess it was just green milk. After the green milk was gone, Bug said.."May I have lellow (yellow) milk now, Mommy?" Because I dyed the milk green for SPD, she now thinks we are going to have different colored milk each day. "I am pretty sure Daddy would get grossed out with yellow milk on his cereal in the morning, so no, we can't have yellow milk. Sorry, Bug."

Well, my sweet mother-in-law kindly reminded me to get blogging, because she wanted to see her grandkids, so here we go. Not much has happened since our recovery from all the sicknesses, but we have managed to get out of the house. We have made it to the zoo and an open house at our adoption agency for their new multi-cultural library, among other stuff. Friday night, we got together with some friends, kids played, adults played cards, and I even played "Guitar Hero" for the first time. Don't ask. I will just say I didn't get boo'ed off the stage, but not much better than that. It was fun though! Saturday night, DH and I made it to movie night at church--childcare was included. Can't beat that! We watched "Fireproof". Kinda made you do a mental check of you marriage...we both thought it was a good movie. I would definitely suggest it to any married couple, marital problems or not, it is a good movie for any couple to watch. Really makes you realize how important you are to each other, and that you are a team.

Today the kids and I headed to the mall to do some shopping and have lunch. Bug sat on the the Easter Bunny's lap--I think she too realized it was weird. I never make her sit, I just ask her if she wants to sit on ____ (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc), and she always says "yes". We won't be doing that again. She didn't cry, just had the weirdest look on her face. It was weird too, the bunny didn't say anything, just held her. After I realized that the Bunny wasn't talking to her, I said "ok...time to go." That was enough of that. Yuck.

LM's birthmom's mother called the other night. She called to let us know her mother was entered into Hospice care (so this would be LM's birth-great-grandma). Grammy Kit, as we call her, had/has breast cancer, but very recently fell and broke her arm. When they looked closer, saw that she had cancer in her bones. After surgery to repair her arm, she was having some memory problems, and balance issues. They did a CT scan of her brain, and have also found brain cancer. Their whole family is our prayer request. They are like our extended family. Please pray for strength and peace for everyone, and courage for Grammy Kit as she gets closer to her eternal home. They are going to need to muster alot of strength to get through the next days and weeks. We are going to visit Grammy Kit this weekend, so she can see LM. We want to visit her while she is still able to know LM (and us), and before Bug realizes what is going on. Grammy Kit loves our little Bug too. One thing I did promise Grammy Kit (while we chatted last summer at a cookout), is that we would let her see LM, and that he would be loved forever by us. I felt that conversation we had that day last summer, was her way of making sure LM was part of a good family. I will always respect her for that. Our LM is loved by so many. Please just pray for them...thanks.

LM had his 9 month checkup yesterday. He is 29 3/4 inches long (95%), and 22lbs 5oz (78%). His weight is slowing down now--which is what I remember happens about this age, because they are getting around much more. He still isn't walking (on his own), but don't blink, cause he will be across the room in no time! He will walk behind a moving toy, but not on his own yet.

I will just post pics with some explanations--Enjoy! Sorry about the pink bib, Bubby (our new nickname for LM). He is only eating (solid) table food now. Yay...much easier, but much messier too... Bug's new favorite thing to do...feed her brother. She will actually sit there for a good 15 minutes and feed him his entire meal. Perfect--until she doesn't want to anymore, and he expects me to feed him! He will feed himself, but he is getting spoiled with Bug feeding him all the time. A recent 60 degree day... Two cuties on the slide...
On the swings... One cool dude... My little Bug.... Bug playing her favorite game with Daddy...

Our visit to the zoo--I was taking pictures of a swan in the lake, then DH noticed this one napping right in front of us... Good thing I brought my zoom lens for the SLR camera....I got lots of good "up close" pictures. My favorite animal to photograph...the giraffe, not Bug! Having lunch... Another good picture... A happy baby... Taken yesterday....He loves playing with blocks
This picture totally reminds me of Bubby's birthmom....looks like a silly face she would make.

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