Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Move on, black cloud....

I wasn't sure where to begin with this blog--or what to even name this entry. After today, I knew exactly what I was going to name it. Again, it has taken me a week and a half to get another entry on. It seems as though that is how this may go---some things I just can't keep up on. This is one of them, obviously.

Lots has happened since the last entry--I will just go chronologically.

I wanted to mention, on February 25th my sister-in-law's cousin died. He was 27. He died from Wilson's Disease. I never knew him, but from what Aunt Kim has told me about him, and what I have read about him, he was an amazing man. To quote Aunt Kim--"Mike will be the most beautiful angel in Heaven..." We are praying for you Aunt Kim, and your whole family too. To learn more about Wilson's Disease, click here Here is a picture of Mike. Rest in Peace. Last week was a big milestone week for LM. He graduated to using only a sipee cup--like a trooper. He (on accident) went to eating just 3 meals (solids and formula), and skipping the bedtime "bottle". His schedule got off one night, and he just skipped it. He hasn't wanted it since. Yay! I don't have to change crib sheets every day now!! Over the weekend, we had some friends over for a pizza party, and while the kids were playing, and adults were chatting, LM decided he would walk behind a moving toy across the room. My friend and I stopped talking, and I was in awe. I couldn't believe it. She said..."you know, he will be walking in about a month, don't you..." Yes, I am aware. Great. Thanks. LM also cut three teeth in two days. Now that is a record!! The first two teeth he got are on top--not the ones right in front, but the two next to those. I know it has to be uncommon...I have never seen a kid get those teeth first. The next day, a little tooth on the bottom cut through. Since the teeth started coming through, he has been sleeping ALL the time. In the morning, he will take about a 4 hour nap, and in the afternoon about a 3 hour nap. Nice. Can't get enough of that! :-) I think that is all for milestones for now...

Here we are sleeping in on our lazy Saturday morning...I love that he is such a loverboy--he loves to snuggle...

Sunday, we all piled in and went to church. Bug got to wear her new dress that Grandma Kris gave her for Christmas. For the first time ever, she voluntarily went to the nursery (playroom) during church. I am such a freak--I missed her! I just wonder how I will be when it is time for kindergarten. I will be THAT Mom crying as she takes her baby to school. I am already dreading pre-school. Here is Bug in her dress after church:
Here is another dress, that I couldn't resist from Target. I think this will be her Easter dress. It really isn't as long as it looks in this picture...she isn't exactly standing straight up. Blue looks so good on her...(Can you tell I love to dress her up??)

So, after our nice relaxing weekend, we come to Monday. Monday was nice. Bug helped me make Daddy's birthday cake, and helped wrap gifts for his little party the next day. We enjoyed playing with the kids after dinner, and we had lots of fun jumping on pillows: Tuesday, Daddy's birthday, I woke up with a nasty headache. I hurriedly took 800mgs of Advil Luqi-Gels (my drug of choice!). Ahhh, it was gone pretty fast. I took most of the morning and early afternoon doing laundry, cleaning out the kids' closet, and going through all their clothes, packing away the ones that don't fit, and the most fun of all--playing with the kids. I was so excited to have gotten so much done, even with Bug making a lotion mess--see below.
"Mommy...I do it by myself--I put lotion on my owey nose!" (notice the huge glob of lotion about to fall off her finger..) Playing on Daddy's birthday... (that is the toy he can walk behind...) My two cute kiddos...yes, they are still in their pajamas...I think LM stayed in his all day. O-well. My sweet son, offering to make me, I mean lunch. My sweet babydoll...already starting to feel a little under the weather....

During naps, I sat down to rest around 3pm, and had this sharp, sudden horrendous pain in my head. I think I actually said out loud..."What the he@# was that?" It went away after awhile, but with every hour that passed, the pain got increasingly worse. I realized it was sinus pain, but not just regular sinus pain. It hurt inside my head not on my face. By the time DH got home from work, I was in bad shape. We did have dinner, cake and gifts:
Like my "39-3" cake...I didn't have a "6"
Daddy opening gifts
Bug insisted she wanted to get Daddy a ball for his birthday...(I am sure she was quite fond of the ball too....!)

After I muddled through DH's mini-party (sorry, babe.), I basically went to bed. I was in so much pain, I couldn't barely stand it. I took a "leftover" (from a past muscle issue) vicoden to deal with the pain and went to bed. The vicoden didn't touch the pain. I didn't sleep that night. I actually contemplated going to the ER--although not sure how I would have gotten there. I didn't even trust myself to drive, it was that bad. Anyway, I go to the doctor office on Tuesday morning, and my doctor was alarmed. First they gave me a shot of painkiller in my hip, so that she could examine me. I wasn't really able to hold my head up. After 10 minutes of waiting for the shot to "take", she came back to examine me. She was perplexed because she couldn't find anything wrong with me except for this horrible pain. She was concerned about a possible bleed in/on my brain , and ordered me to the hospital for a CT Scan to rule out any problem with my brain. When she told me this, all I heard was "ANEURYSM". Of course, I panicked. Not outwardly, but inside I was freaking. DH took the kids home to get some things, and dropped them at a friend's house. THANKS HEATHER D!!! He came back to get me at the Dr's office, and off to the hospital we went. I didn't wait long, and had the CT done, had it read, and got the results. No problems with my brain, but I have a severe sinus infection in the sinus cavity closest to my brain. Physically, that sinus cavity is almost in the exact middle of your head...which explains my severe pain. By the time I got home, I had been given 5 medications. Vicoden and ibuprofen for pain, antibiotic, prednisone for swelling in my face/sinuses, and OTC Sudafed. I actually, for the most part felt completely fine--after I got the pain shot in my hip. The pain I was supposed to get after that shot wore off, never came. Thank God. I don't know if the Vicoden/Advil would have done the trick. We got home from my 10am Dr appointment at 5pm. That was my Tuesday.
This morning, Wednesday (shouldn't it be like Saturday by now?!?), I woke up feeling perfect. No pain, no nothing. Great!! It's gonna be a great day! That also was not to be. Morning went fine, Bug just was having a runny nose. Nothing to get alarmed about. Lunchtime rolls around, she eats normally, mentions she is cold, but I don't think much of it. She tells me that almost everyday at lunch--she is cold all the time. Fine. We do our scheduled potty time after lunch, and she gets off the potty, and starts crying about something, and proceeds to puke all over the bathroom. When she started puking she wasn't exactly by the toilet...let's just say that. It was everywhere. I moved her to the toilet, and while I started to gather towels, etc to clean up, she went for round two, and missed the toilet. Lovely. Finally, round three made it in the throne. Amen to that. Ok, get her cleaned up. Mercifully, LM slept through the whole episode. I cleaned her up, changed her, cleaned myself up, changed my clothes, mopped the floor (twice--once with a mop, another time on my hands and knees, because after the first time, it just smelt like Mr. Clean and puke. Bleach mix did the trick.) Finally, I get her to bed. Great...she felt warm. Took her temperature--yup. 101.5. OK, give her some Tylenol, and she was off to la-la land. About this time, LM woke up. I get him fed, changed, and let him play. Just as he was getting ready for his nap, Bug woke up crying. I checked on her, and noticed "gunk" in one of her eyes. Didn't think much of it.
DH came home around 5pm, and by then I had noticed that Bug's eye was bright red. By the end of dinner, I noticed "gunk" in her other eye. It hit me then...she has Pink both eyes. Great. I quickly decide the path of least resistance...and realize that I am so exhausted, it would be much less exhausting to take Bug to the Dr, versus staying home with "Mr busybody". I scarf my dinner and off to Urgent Care we go. Before we can make it to the car, she poops her pants--lets just say, it was messy. She obviously couldn't control it. Forget the undies, clearly it's pull-up time. At this point, ya just have to laugh, right? She was an she always is at the doctor's office. Yes, she has pink eye in both eyes, swollen lymph nodes, upper respiratory virus, and a fever. The doctor offered no explanation for the puking episode. She is still on clear liquids till I know she can keep stuff down, though. We got home at 8:45pm tonight. She is finally sleeping soundly. It is 12:15am. ((Why the heck am I still here....I know I will be up a few times tonight!))
So, since we have pink eye in the house, and I am quite sure that LM will get it, I am sure I will be stuck here for the next 4-6 days. I am hoping that our turn under the "black cloud" is over. I can't wait for the weekend.

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Sara said...

I can kind of feel your pain. I just cleaned up my 5th throw-up since 10:30 p.m. last night. I'm praying you all get well and stay that way for a while!