Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are you serious?!?

Here is our Bug--I was playing with our SLR camera outside on the "Portrait" setting. Turned out pretty good, I think.

Well, just when we were starting to venture out, have play dates, and go back to a normal life of being healthy, I notice "eye gunk" in Bug's eyes again. Yup. Pink Eye, round #2. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!Two words...FED UP. Because I KNOW that LM will get it next, I decided to give him the eye drops too, just as a preventative measure. I called the pediatrician to just let them know, that I have leftover drops from "P.E, Round #1", and mentioned that I started LM on them too. Doctor called me back to tell me to discontinue the drops for LM. So help me, if he gets it next, I will be very unhappy.

Both kids were up at 4:30 this morning. Bug woke up and freaked out, because she couldn't open her eyes (they were pasted shut). We "melted" off the gunk from her eyes, went potty, rocked, and went back to bed. LM woke up because she was crying so much about her eyes, so DH got LM changed, and threw him in bed with us. Bug is not allowed on our bed till she has been on drops for 48hrs. Before I got back in bed, I had to change my shirt (because she was laying on me, and not risking LM rubbing his face on me and getting PE), and got back to bed about 5:30. I thought LM was sleeping, but when I kissed his little cheek, his eyes popped open, and he smacked me in the face. Well, I love you too, LM!!

Well, we started a new potty program for Bug, thanks to advice from her doctor. We lay out three pair of undies, each with a poker chip on them. Every time she has an accident, we take a new pair of undies, and Mommy gets to keep the "token". If she stays dry, at the end of the night, she gets to put her tokens in her bank, and when she gets enough, she can buy prizes from the "Potty Store". She seems to be doing better--we will see after a few weeks. Her pull-ups are actually starting to be more dry in the morning too, which is a good sign. I am amazed it has taken her so long, because I know she knows what she is doing, I just think she gets lazy when we don't leave the house. When we are out, she never has an accident. She can stay dry for hours, when we are running errands, but at home we have accidents all the time. For most kids, from what I hear from other parents, it is the other way....
The other day, we went to the mall. I was in search of a few things, namely a new pair of shoes. I have realized that I have to wear shoes inside all the time to avoid some major heel pain. So, I wanted to buy a new pair to only wear inside the house (or when we go visiting, to wear inside other people's homes, so my shoes are clean). I found a good pair for only $50, which I thought was a deal. The salesperson talked me into a pair of insoles too. I was skeptical...but they are actually pretty good. It sounds weird, but you actually bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 minutes. After they are done, you hurry and put them in the shoe and wear the shoe. When you wear the shoe when the insoles are hot, they form to your feet, so when they cool the insoles are the shape of your foot (and rigid). If you want to use the insoles in another pair of shoes, you can "re-cook and re-form" the insoles as many times as you want. I think I am going to go buy myself another pair of insoles for my "outside" shoes. I ran some errands last night, and thought I could just take the insoles out of my "inside" shoes, and put them in my "outside" shoes...without re-cooking them...nope. Man, did my feet hurt when I got home....

Here's another picture of Bug I took yesterday while practicing with our camera:

We are going to visit LM's birthmom's mother and grandmother on Saturday (Birthmom "H" will actually be out of town with her father, so we won't see her this visit). We are pretty sure this may be the last time, that "Grammy Kit" will remember who we are, and we feel it is important for her to see LM. I am sure pictures will be taken. I will post them at a later date...but I think we need prayers for strength for Saturday. I think it will bring back too many memories for me, of my own Grandma.

Have a great weekend!

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