Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A few days with more Grandparents....

Here is Bug cuddling with her Grandma. So, after Grammy and Grandpa left, my parents arrived about 3 hours later, on Sunday night. They too, were excited to see the kiddos and spend some time with all of us. Monday morning, we headed to a indoor kids play area. Monday night, we all went out to dinner at an "upscale" Chuck E. Cheese type restaurant. Here are a few pictures from that trip: Peek-a-Boo!!

Bubby loved to play in/around the Little Tykes house... Bubby was getting around quite well with this "walker" --it won't be long--days later, Bubby took about 4 steps towards his big sister!!Dinnertime: Grandma kept hitting the jackpot on a game, and every time it kicked out like 150 tickets... Grandma and Bug playing "Deal or No Deal" Daddy and Grandma playing "ice (skee)" ball... HoHo and Bubby... Bug and Bubby (getting a hand from HoHo) riding in a car... HoHo and Bug gettin' their groove on, on the dance machine... So, after all the tickets that Grandma won for us (Bug), she came home with three pieces of garbage toys (or they will be in about a week). This is one of the prizes she got.

Tuesday brought us to the local kids' museum in the morning, and then date night for me and DH, while the grandparents watched the kiddos. Here are some pictures from the kids museum: This was actually taken Monday night right before bedtime--HoHo and Bug are pushing a plastic egg across the table, and for some reason Bug thought it was the funniest thing ever. I had to videotape a snippet--she was laughing so hard, it made me laugh! At the museum now...I am surprised that HoHo made it thru this tunnel... Our future doctor--about 30 seconds after this picture was taken, Bug had "the look" that told me she was going to "Poo" in her pants, so off we rushed to the potty. She never goes poo in public, so (she didn't have an accident), we sat in the bathroom for about 15 minutes till she was ready to "get rid of it". I was refusing to let her go in her pants, so I was ready to stand in that stall as long as we needed too...battle of the wills. Bug conducting the orchestra Bubby playing with "the other boy" Bug with "Woodsy" the Owl (friend to "Smoky" the Bear) at the museum Bubby "rockin" with Grandpa Playin' in the sand....which is something I almost never let her do when we are here, because, without fail, we end up going home for a bath, due to all the sand in her hair. This day, we left with just a little bit of sand in her hair...not too bad. Bubby making some music... Bug driving HoHo around in the bus... Right before Grandma and HoHo left--one last picture.
My parents left on Wednesday afternoon. I left on Friday afternoon to head to their house to help my Mom do some work at Grandma's house. We made some real progress, but there is still so much work to be done. I am planning on going back in a few weeks for another cleaning weekend. We came across some interesting stuff while cleaning...I will talk about that in the next blog. I am off to nurse my sinus pain with a happy drug...and a comfy bed.

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