Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warm weather....Finally!!

Well, I guess I am finally giving up on updating this blog more than once a week. The weeks fly by so fast. I am getting real bad at sitting down to do this. But, (wiping the sweat from my brow) I will continue, if only for my devoted readers...all five of them!!

The week started out with some warmer days (FINALLY), so we were able to get outside for a bit. The day these pictures were taken, LM was napping. Here you go:
This is getting way to small for her...good thing her birthday is coming up!
This is a whirly/wand/kite thingy I brought back for her from my last trip to my parents' houseGrammy and Grandpa got her this for an Easter gift....she loves it!

This was the day I found out she could write her name all by herself. We were sidewalk-chalking, and I wrote her name on the driveway. I asked her if she could write her name, of course not expecting it, and she did. I was so surprised. We hadn't really worked with her a ton on it--hardly at all, actually. I promptly marked that down in her baby book....I have yet to have her write it on paper to save, but will do that very soon.

Here is a random picture of Bubby--with his green eggs and ham. I made a ham for dinner, and DH remembered that we still had dyed eggs leftover from Easter. Of course, we had to get a picture--remember, nothing goes undocumented in this household!!!

On Friday, it was about 85 degrees here, so the kids and I met another friend and her daughter at the zoo for a day of fun. It was a great time, and everybody was done by 2:30. I actually couldn't believe that we made it till then...but we did. The kids fell asleep on the way home, but that was all for naps that day.

Too cute...My little snickerdoodle...

That night, after the zoo, we ate dinner and went outside for some more fun. This was the first time LM was in the grass. He wasn't so sure about it at first...but he liked it, after he got used to it. He tasted pretty much everything on the ground. Lovely. The three of us were so exhausted after being at the zoo all day, then being outside after dinner, that we bathed the kids, and got them into bed, sleeping peacefully by 7pm. I followed soon after...

My sweet girl...

My little Bubby...still not walking, but pretty darn close.

On Monday night we went to a baseball game....Bubby's first major league baseball game. We had a blast, and it really got us into the spring/summer/baseball mode. Can't wait to go back. Bubby was fine, and actually learned to clap his hands at the game. For so long, it seemed as though he couldn't quite coordinate his hands to come together, but they did on Monday. I think he saw so many people doing it, he just decided he was going to do it too! Bug, on the other hand, didn't care for the game so much. For the first 2-3 innings, she was scared of the heights ("I not gonna fall Mommy??), and the loudness (our seats were right in front of a speaker). Fireworks...not so much. We did alot of crying, but after a snack was offered, things started looking up. After a pouch of "Nemo" fruit snacks, she got to try shelled peanuts for the first time. It kept her busy, and she forgot about being scared, so my plan worked. We stayed till about the 8th inning, then headed home. We had just made it to our car, when it started to rain. Perfect--since we didn't take umbrellas with us.

Tuesday night, we had a play date with Bug's friend "L". It was a bit colder than we thought, so we headed back to our house and played inside for a bit.

Tonight, I am going to be packing for our trip this weekend. DH and the kids are going to his parents' house and I am going to my hometown to do more cleaning at my Grandma's house. Should be a fun weekend. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Sara said...

I do enjoy your blog and looking at pictures of your beautiful family. You were my inspiration to start blogging. My extended family thanks you!