Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Birthday and Easter Weekend...

Here's a picture of me and my Bug--taken while we were dying eggs before Easter. A little off-center, but still cute.

Wow--again, I am lax in my blogging. It has been crazy busy since the last post. At the last post, Bubby's birthmom's Grandmother had passed away. Her funeral was on Maundy Thursday, April 9th. We attended and met some more of their family, including "H's" father. It was nice to meet more of their family, but obviously bittersweet.

We celebrated my birthday (the big 33!) with a quiet dinner of Chinese food delivered to the house. Bug realized that she liked Chinese food...just like Mommy! Daddy hates it, and had cereal for dinner. Too bad for him--wait--that just means more for me! Eat all the cereal you want, Babe!! I got a new mop ( I asked for it--the one we have is the same one I had before I even met DH!!), and the kids got me Season 3 of "Jon and Kate plus 8". Bug likes watching it, and calls it "the kid show". Cute. Friday brought DH's parents coming for Easter weekend. It was a nice weekend of relaxing, and not doing much...which was nice. We just hung out and got caught up. Saturday morning, though, I woke up with absolutely no voice. Ugh. I have never had laryngitis before. It was horrible not being able to talk (Almost two weeks later, my voice still sounds like a dude. To make matters worse, I woke up this morning with sinus pain in my head again. Seriously. I am about fed up with sinus infections).

Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend:
One cool girl... Loot from the Easter egg hunt Bug and her Easter basket Bubby and his Easter basket Our Easter Picture--this one was the best we could get--and for some reason, the original picture had a real bad green tint to it, so I had to crop and make it black and white to use it. Thank-you tripod. Grammy, Grandpa, Bubby, and Bug on Easter morning after church Easter Family Picture 2009 Grammy and Bug Grammy, Grandpa and the kiddos My babies and their Easter baskets....

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