Friday, March 21, 2008

2 out of 96...!

Here is our Bug in her new pigtails. She finally has enough hair in the back and on the sides, to put all of it up in pigtails, not just the front. Well, the 3-6 inches that was the forecast, has now turned to 9-16 inches. I am guessing right now, that we have about 5 inches already, and it is going to continue late into tonight, with blowing and drifting. This snow is so heavy and wet...we will probably have to do a couple of rounds on the driveway and sidewalks. DH will be coming home by lunch today--if he doesn't he may be sleeping overnight at the office.

So, this Easter season I thought I would make Jell-O Egg Jigglers, since Bug likes jello. I have 4 egg molds that I have had for approximately 9 years. I tried it a couple of years with no problem. This year, not so much. I ended up doing two batches of jigglers, 8 different boxes of jello, and this is what I ended up with: Two berry flavored eggs. I only got two flippin' eggs out of 96 that turned out!! I gave up. The first batch, I added cold water, when I shouldn't have (I thought I remembered the recipe correctly...), and the second batch I failed to grease the inside of the molds enough, which caused this: After getting the two eggs to turn out, I thought "well, I will let Bug have them.." I give her a bite, and what does she do?? You guessed it...she spit it out. All that work for a spit out bite of berry jello on the kitchen floor...

This morning we went out to "enjoy" one last (hopefully) snowday. Bug didn't exactly enjoy the sledding like she did in previous outings....I think she is sick of the snow too. Here is a picture of her--it doesn't look like she is enjoying herself too much, does it?? Looks like she is praying for the snow to stop!! After she was done in the snow, she went into the garage (because she was sick of being pelted by snow..) while I (stupidly) started to shovel (for exercise, err because I am crazy). I shoveled for about two minutes, then checked on her and this is what I saw: I think she is officially ready for spring/summer. She was trying to climb into her bicycle seat (that normally is on the back of DH's bicycle). I think she thought she was going for a ride. Not for quite awhile now, sweetcheeks! She has the same unhappy look as she did when she was in her sled! I know what you are feeling like Bug...summer can't come fast enough!

Happy Easter to everyone, drive safely if you are travelling, and Love to all!

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