Monday, March 17, 2008

Stroller with Steroids....

Here is our Bug working on her egg hunt that Grammy and Grandpa did for her while they were visiting this weekend. This is the best picture I could get of her--she refused to keep the ears on! Thanks a huge bunch Grammy and Grandpa for coming and helping us this weekend. They watched Bug for six hours on Saturday, so we could attend another mandatory adoption class. We really appreciated it!

Well, Bug had been in a "phase" recently. This "phase" included fighting naps and bedtime by screaming for two hours. It also included waking up multiple times during the night crying. Lovely. Luckily, this so-called "phase" has officially ended. I think the "phase" was really her last two teeth cutting through. You'd think I would have figured that out by now, seein' as though all her teeth are in now!! (duh, mommy!) O-well, we all made it through. Although, tonight she has started with a (almost) 102 degree fever and bad diarrhea. Again, I am hoping it is the teeth, but am skeptical. We are just hoping it isn't another influenza strain.

We went out today and purchased our double stroller (hopefully to be in use very soon!). Bug helped me assemble it--Hey, whatever can keep her busy for 30 minutes!! She proceeded to crawl all over it, like it was a jungle gym. Again, whatever can keep her busy, is fine by me! Daddy came home from work, and called it the "Stroller with Steroids". Nice.

Tonight we dyed eggs in preparation for Easter. Bug had a fun time.She loved dropping the eggs in the colored cups, and then fishing them out with the spoon. It was so cute. Here are some pictures of our weekend, and our Easter preparations:

Bug with Grammy

Daddy with the bunny ears on

Bug found another egg!!

Breakfast with Grandpa

Bug dying Easter eggs
Our Easter eggs...(notice the "Happy St. Pat's Day" egg)
I am off to bed now...must hit the sack early, as I have a feeling I may be up with Bug tonight. Will write more later this week...

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