Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am sorry...I am too lazy tonight

Here is a picture of Bug and her Easter basket that was sent to her by Grandma and Grandpa H. She loves her Horton, and especially her Horton book. Thanks Grandma Kris and Grandpa Mick!!

I am wiped out...not sure why, but I am. The three of us went to a small kids museum (locally) this morning. DH says it should be called "the real nice play area...". Whatever--all that matters is that Bug loved it, and we had a fun time just watching her. This afternoon, we went to a friend of Bugs' birthday party. We had dinner, cake and watched him open presents. Bug had a good time playing, and the sloppy joes were Oh, soooo good!!

Adoption update: Not much really. I am working on a online class in lieu of our last class I am missing in April, because Bug and I are going to "the land of corn" to visit some family. DH will be attending the class, and I will attend the same class in October (because our social worker says it is the best class out of any of them-I guess the majority of the class is a panel of adoptees, adoptive parents, and birthparents telling their stories and "bringing home" the importance of the "adoption triad"--birthparents, adoptive parents, and child.) But because we may have placement before October, we have to be 100% completed with our education requirements. We did get a quarterly report from our sw with numbers of "opportunities" for profile showing. It is interesting, and I can't say too much, as it in confidential, but there was only one "opportunity" in March (when our profile was shown). Because we weren't approved till the end of February, we know that we have only been shown once to the birthmother in March. Anyway...It was good to get the report, and I will definitly look forward to getting the next one, but DH says..."oh more thing for you to obsess about!!" In a way, I agree with him....but for the most part I think I am being good, and just keep reminding myself that it is only in God's time.
On that note, becuase my feet are draggin', I am going to be lazy on the blog today, and just leave you with a boatload of pictures from the recent week--Enjoy!!
Easter Egg Hunt--I actually had to dress her up to get some pictures--Bug and Daddy stayed home from church because Bug was recovering from two days of the "back door trots". Lovely, huh??
Look what the Easter Bunny left me!!! The ribbon is more fun that the gifts!! A new dress Mommy got me at the "after Easter" sales--I was crabby--this is the best picture Mommy could get!
Being a goof-ball!!!
This is what your hair looks like after you have had it up in pigtails all day!! At the kids musuem this morning...she probably climbed up and slid down this slide about 20 times! I was surprised she didn't start putting wear marks on the slide!! She would say.."Wheeeeee" before she was even going down the slide! It was so cute... Again, with the slide...
Our little princess
I took this picture to show how high up this was that Bug was climbing all by herself--anything to get to the slide!! I was a little nervous at first, but after awhile she was a pro! This slide was a big pirate ship. Very cool...That is all for now...I must get going and finish my online class, and go to bed. More later...

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