Thursday, March 20, 2008

The True Meaning of Easter

I am posting this picture (I may have posted in previous blog entries) because it is cute, and reminds me of warm weather. The forecast is calling for 3-6 inches of snow beginning tonight after midnight, and continuing till tomorrow night. We may be hiding eggs in the snow on Sunday....CRAZINESS!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!! We are sorry that Chloe (er Mommy) is late getting your birthday card out in the mail. Wait! My calendar says your birthday isn't till the 29th of March!! Whew!! (wiping the sweat from my brow..) We still have a few days then!

Bug has learned some new things recently:

1) She can successfully use doorknobs. We found this out over the weekend, when Grammy and Grandpa were here. We thought she was in bed, and I was on my way to check up on her, and she was standing at the top of the stairs, beaming a huge smile at me. Success! Before she was back asleep, there was a "safety" doorknob cover put on the inside of her door...

2) She has learned to "Hop" (like the Easter Bunny). The only problem--she likes to do it off the bottom step. She has only cracked her lip once...

3) Just today, she learned how to unscrew her sipee cup (and I tighten them pretty well--in the past, even DH has commented.."is it really necessary to tighten the lids so tight??" I guess so.) Yes, she choose to learn to do this on a day that I was showering, as she had her Eureka! moment. I think this would be the time to transition to a regular cup....what do you think?! There were some puddles of milk, along with some yellow, blue and green gunk. It took me a bit to figure out, but that would be a few Lucky Charms marshmallows, mixed with milk. Almost made me gag...

4) She has learned to shake a Easter egg before bothering to open it to check for a treat. If the egg makes no sound, she drops it and looks for more eggs...Smart girl.

Do you know it has been a month of waiting already?? It doesn't feel like it...which I guess is a good thing. While my personality tends to obsess about stuff, weirdly, I don't obsess about when we will get "The Call". We just pray about it daily, and I just have this peace about it--I can't explain.

We will be heading to church tonight, tomorrow night, and of course on Sunday. This is my favorite humbles me to be reminded of what Easter really means...He gave His life for us, and because He rose again, we have the hope of eternal life.Very simple. What more can we ask for?

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Matthew said...

Don't worry about the whole March 19th versus March 29 thing... Truth is, I'd gladly spend an extra 10 days being the age I was last year.