Saturday, December 5, 2009

Before and After...

Ok, well the drugs are working, and my bronchitis is SLOWING going away. However, the sicknesses are still making their way around our family. Bubby now has a fever and "gastric issues" (if you know what I mean). I have a feeling we will be making our way BACK to the pediatrician on Monday, if he doesn't improve. If we do, that will make it three visits in three weeks to the pediatrician. Now I totally understand what my mom meant, when we were growing up, when she told us kids..."I feel like I live at the Dr's office!!" And there were four of us, not just two--so I guess I am getting off easy!! I just want us to be well for Christmas...and for our "snowbird" vacation in January.

Here are a few "Before and After" pictures of Bubby and some chocolate pudding:
BEFORE: Mmmm, good pudding! He just kept looking at me, as if to ask..."Are you sure I can put my hands in this???"
His artwork--he put much more pudding on the tray than is his mouth....AFTER: Here he is saying "cheeeeee" to the camera....too cute!

We had a pretty full day today. This morning, we visited with Santa. Then we headed home, had lunch, and finished putting up the Christmas tree. Lots of fun!I can't believe my babies are getting so big...time sure flies!!!

I think this is a cute picture--don't get me wrong. It's just that I feel bad for Bubby, because the only words he will now hear are: "No.", "No touching.", "Leave the ornaments alone.", "No eating--out of your mouth!" (repeat a million times!). We do have a pretty sad looking tree this year though, because I couldn't put up anything of any value, for fear "destructo" would/will have his way with it. I have a feeling, it will get to be a long December with him and that tree...

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