Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A big update...

Well, so much has happened since the last post. Where to start--let's start with a sick child. I always thought I had a pretty strong stomach--after all I always wanted to be a nurse. Well, let's just say, I learned that I don't have as strong of a stomach than I thought. It all started with Bug on Monday (the 14th) afternoon. The worst case of the "runs" I have ever seen. It was so bad, I had to put Bubby in his highchair for a good 40 minutes to clean it up. Ugh. Later that night, she was writhing in pain. I seriously thought she may have appendicitis--it hurt her to stand up, and her poor belly was SO distended. I was about five minutes from taking her to the ER...when....she projectile vomited ALL over. After two hours of cleaning up, and giving Bug her second bath in four hours, we were able to rest a bit.

It gets better--with 4 loads of yucky laundry, we realize our drains in the laundry room are clogged. SERIOUSLY?! So, at 10pm, I am calling 24hr plumbers to see if anyone could help us. We ended up just waiting till the early morning on the 15th to have them come and clear our pipes. After scrubbing the kitchen floors two more times (cleaning up after the plumber's equipment), I was tired and it was 11am. Luckily, this sickness that Bug had was only a 24hr bug....Thank You Lord. I am not sure how much more puke/poop I could handle.

Next up was Bug's preschool party. Santa made a visit, the kids sang to the parents, and we had cookies and punch. It was a good time, and I managed to take a few pictures, while I was trying to keep Bubby from attacking Santa (he LOVES Santa).
The next night, we made some Christmas cookies. We had fun--Bug made cookies for about an hour, then wanted to watch a Christmas kids show on tv. We let Bubby have his way with some sugar and sprinkles...that was fun. I ended up making the cookies by myself while Daddy watched a VeggieTales show with the kids...which was ok. I turned up the Christmas music, and made about four dozen cookies.
She liked playing with the sugar and sprinkles, more than actually decorating! Goofy girl...
Daddy had to help...otherwise Bubby would have probably just put his face in the bowl of sugar!
Just wonderin' if you would like some cookie dough along with that pile of green sugar??Uff-Da! THAT is alot of sugar and sprinkles!!!

Now that Bug is done with preschool till the first week in January, we had to fill some time with indoor projects:

For fear of Bubby throwing the paint plate all over, I had to use heavy duty tape to secure the plate....

"Show me your hands, Bubby!"

The next night (the 19th) we made the trip to have our Christmas celebration with Bubby's birth family. We had a big pizza party, and just had lots of fun.

(L-R) "H", Bubby's birthmom, and "K", Bubby's birth-grandma
(L-R) "J" ("H's" cousin), 'F' (H's Grandpa), and 'G' (H's cousin) having some pizza!

Playing after dinner (H and Bubby)

Saturday, Bug sang in her first Christmas program at church. Brought happy tears to my eyes. So many years, we dreamed of a day that we would see a child of ours up there singing "Away in a Manger"....and finally, that day had come. I said many silent Thank-You's to God, for our precious little Bug. This is the only half-way decent picture I was able to get...bummer.Beautiful

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