Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bug's first "Fall Fun Weekend"!!

It has been awhile since I have blogged...sorry. It has been crazy busy around here. All three of us have been sick this week. Bug is still battling her runny nose and cough (it didn't stop us from having our "Fall Fun Weekend"!!--more on that later).

Adoption update: We had a phone conference with an placement agency in CA. They deal primarily with African American or bi-racial adoptions. We are very happy with them, and are 95% sure we are going to use them. The same day, we had a meeting with a local agency--we are 100% sure we aren't going to use them. It is a long story, but in short, we didn't agree with how they brought their birth mothers in, and it would have probably been more heartbreak for us to use them. They had an extremely high "reclaim" rate (rate at which birth mothers change their mind). We have found a local agency that will do our homestudy and post-placement meetings, we just have to sign our contract with them. We have also been in contact with a lawyer, and are waiting for a call back from her. We need her to review the contract from the CA agency, before we sign on with them. We are hoping to be starting our homestudy in the next few weeks. Our local agency that will do the homestudy usually can be done within a month. This procedure will license us to be foster parents too (we aren't going to do this, but with adoption in our state, you have to be licensed in fostering, so that when the baby is born, it can come home with you instead of going to a foster home for 5wks). That is the short of it for now. This week will bring more updates....

This weekend was so nice. It was nice to just stay home and relax. Daddy and Mommy raked leaves and did the final yard work before the snow flies. We went to the pumpkin farm and picked out our pumpkins. Bug got to play in leaves (wasn't too fond of it...), and feel pumpkin "guts" for the first time. Yes, the pumpkin guts went right into her mouth....yuck. Last night, Mommy made her favorite--baked pumpkin seeds!! I better go and enjoy the rest of the day, while I have some quiet time... (Bug is napping, and Daddy is watching a football game)

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Heather said...

What football game? The Packers don't play until Monday night! ;) hee hee