Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One crappy hotel, a pair of broken glasses, 3 hours of screaming and a hand--ful of puke!!

Ok, I was going to upload some pictures from our eventful weekend, but the blogger-picture-uploading-thingy isn't working properly. I will add those on tomorrow.

No more updates on the adoption road yet, we just have our two appointments on Wednesday with two different agencies.

We did our combined visiting trip this weekend. We visited DH's family first, then my family. My Aunt Mel (who is from the D.C area) happened to be in town speaking at the Nurse's Association, so I was able to visit her, and listen to her speech. It was hilarious. The visit with the in-laws went lovely, then we were on the road to visit my family. Because my Aunt Mel and Uncle Gary were heading there too (they were going to stay at my grandma's house), we were planning on staying at a friends house. Well, my friend called me to let me know that we were still welcome to stay, but that she was just at urgent care, and has strep. NO THANK-YOU. So, we arrive at Great-Grandma's house, and I start calling around to see what hotels have a room available. We are cheap, so we opt for the $44 a night place, and decide to stay till Monday. Fine.

We get to the hotel, and the wallpaper in the bathroom is peeled about 6-7 inches from the wall. I don't want to even think about the nasty germs that are in that room. (I am sure we have all seen the "48 Hours" where they take the "bluelight" to the bedspread, doorknob, etc, and show you what kind of germs are there...)Bug is officially not allowed anywhere in that room, except in her pack-n-play!!! It worked out though, as we were only there to sleep, and shower. As planned, Sunday morning my mom, sister, myself, and Aunt Mel head to the big annual craft fair at the university. That was a good time. I actually got quite a bit of Christmas shopping done. Fast forward to Monday morning. DH is in the shower, I am packing up the hotel room. Bug is on the bed "reading" some books. I turn my back for maybe 40 seconds, until I realize she has been quiet for way too long. I turn around, and she has Daddy's glasses in two (almost three) pieces (I will post a picture of that later). One bow was completely twisted around to the opposite side, she popped the lens out, and broke the little plastic "wire" that runs along the bottom of the lens, that holds it in the frame. Yikes. I gently broke the news to Daddy, who wasn't very happy with Mommy.

And we are off to Great-Grandma's house for breakfast. As always, it was loud and crazy, but by now Bug was more than happy to join in, with what we call her "church" voice! We headed home after lunch, and Bug was napping before we even hit the highway. We were so excited. That lasted about 40 minutes. Bug decided she would scream for the remaining 3hrs and 20 minutes of the trip. It was such a joy. Needless to say, I was ready for a drink when we finally got home.
By the time we were home, her nose was running, and she was congested. At 11pm, I am sitting on the floor in the bathroom with her, and running the hot shower, to try to steam the mucus out of her lungs. She was up the entire night. She threw up twice, once in my hand (hey, at least it didn't hit the floor!!). This morning, I took her to the doctor (which she absolutely LOVES), and she has an ear infection and a sinus infection. LOVELY. A nice beginning to the week....I am going to go take a nap.

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