Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eventually, some things come full circle....

For those who know me real well have probably heard me talk about a little girl from our church who got her angel wings at the age of 13. She went to heaven in July of 2005, succumbing from brain cancer. Her name was Laura. I never had the privilege of meeting her, but still think of her almost daily. I have always wanted to tell her parents how much of an inspiration she was to me, but is there ever a good time, when you loose a child in such a horrible way? Fast forward to yesterday...

A friend of mine was having surgery at our local hospital. Before I left home, I realized my shirt was spattered with leftover lunch Bug decided she wanted me to taste. On a whim, I grabbed a t-shirt. It happened to be a t-shirt that I purchased at a concert fundraiser for Laura a little over a month before she died. (To this day, if I am having a bad day, and feel like I need more strength, I wear this t-shirt.) On the back of the t-shirt were quotes from this little girl who, I am pretty sure, had more faith than most of us. In trying to find my friend's hospital room, I pass the nurses desk. I was reminded that Laura's Mom worked at the local hospital, and thought the woman at the desk looked familiar. Later, during our visit with my friend, in walks Laura's Mom. We small-talked, but I decided at that time, that when I leave I will make sure to let her know how Laura changed and inspired me.

After our visit was over (Bug was running around crazily), I stopped out there and talked to Laura's Mom. I explained how much we have struggled with trying to build our family, and how much Laura gave me hope and inspiration. I struggled to not cry, but it was such a good feeling to finally be able to let her know how much hope her daughter brought to me. I explained how I used to wear this t-shirt to every single procedure appointment, just to remind me of the strength this little girl had. (the IVF nurses probably thought I only owned one shirt!!) My thought was (and still is...) "If this little girl can go through all the pain of chemo, radiation, blindness, and all the other nasty things that come along with cancer, I can certainly get through this petty IVF stuff, right?" Just wearing it made me think of Laura, and the awesome strength and love for God she had. Laura's Mom was so appreciative of this and said she always loves to hear these type of stories. We were glad to finally meet. It is amazing how, even in death, Laura gives hope.

--"No problems are big enough to hate life, I love my life. If I hadn't gotten cancer and lost my sight, I wouldn't have met all these wonderful people. I can be negative or I can be positive, and I am going to choose the positive, I will make today a good day. I have prayers in my heart and an angel on my shoulder. I just let God take care of everything."--Quotes from Laura

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