Friday, May 9, 2008

The kind of peace we now have...

Here is a picture of Bug talking on our cell phone. Not really--the phone is locked--but she likes to pretend. Sometimes her baby dolls talk on the phone too...I guess she is starting them early.

Today we are headed to PA for a few days to visit DH's Grandma. We are excited to get there, but not too excited about the trip. I am sure Bug will be fine--we are bringing the laptop, in case she gets to stir crazy, and we need to pop in a Elmo dvd.
Well, "H" called the other day. It was so nice to talk to her. We had a nice conversation, and she too, verified the same feelings we had leaving our initial meeting--we all felt like we gained new family members. We talked about the baby a little bit, and also decided that DH, Bug, and I would go with her to her next check-up. We also agreed to get together at least a couple of times before that baby is born. We also talked about names again--specifically, girls names. We asked what she thought of us naming the baby's middle name after her--so the baby's middle name would be birth mom's first name. We really wanted to honor her by doing that, and she said that was wonderful. We still haven't come up with a first name if it is a girl, though, so any suggestions would be appreciated!! :-) It is settled, that if it is a boy, he will be named Samuel. "H" will chose the middle name, if it is a boy.
I think I am developing allergies. I am having these asthma attacks out of nowhere, and have a stuffy/runny/stuffy/runny nose, and a cough. My Sis-in-law and I were talking on the phone, and she mentioned getting some OTC drugs and trying them. She was convinced it was seasonal allergies. What do you know, it worked. I had no idea I had allergies...??
Through this adoption journey, I often think about how our road to build a family started, and all we went through to be where we are now: 8 years of trying to conceive (TTC), countless procedures, hundreds of shots and IV treatments, a miscarriage, 3 failed IVF's, and alot of tears. Now, though, we feel so much peace. All those things had to happen for us to be where we are today. There were so many times that we were so frustrated--at God for not letting us have a baby--all the while HE was working HIS plan for us. Now, it all makes sense. I totally believe that I won't ever be pregnant again...and that is 150% OK with me. I feel like God has blessed us with our Bug Bug, and now HE is blessing us with this precious little baby, whom we love already. This little baby isn't going to come from my womb, but has been in my heart all this time. We feel extremely fortunate that God has blessed us to be parents two different ways, not just one. God is Great!

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