Thursday, May 29, 2008

A totem pole of faces....

Well, blogger won't let me upload any pictures--they must be having issues. Until then, you have to try to guess why the title of this entry is about a totem pole. I will try to remember to upload them later. Anyway, we spent Memorial Day weekend visiting DH's family in Minnesota. I, of course, took a ton of pictures! It was nice to get together, catch up and just have fun. We took the kids to the park a couple of times, because it was such beautiful weather. We headed home on Sunday, so we could have a day at home. It was nice to have DH at home with a day off to spend together as a family. Soon there will be four!! :-)

BirthMommy/Baby update: We went with "H" to her appointment on Tuesday. She is still measuring right on for almost 35wks. Other than that, no change. Starting with her next appt (weekly, now), she will be put on a non-stress test every appointment for about 30 minutes before she meets with the Dr. After her appointment on Tuesday, we all went to Culvers for dinner. Mmmmmmm. They are coming to our house to visit on Saturday, have dinner, then we are all going to a baseball game. "H's" mom got 4 tickets in the 3rd row from her employer. We are excited--it will be such a fun time!! I am sure there will pictures to follow...

I am trying to plan ahead and work on Bug's birthday party details....just in case the baby makes an early entrance into the world. I better get going on invitations...

Ok, I got the pictures to load--here they are (edited at 7pm):

Bug and her cousins riding the Gator
Erin playing at the park
Tara at the park
Tara, Erin and Bug on the slide
I took this picture of a bumble bee--it took about 10 shots to get this, but it finally worked!!
DH and Andrew swinging at the park
Just hanging out...
Andrew enjoying the slide
Erin getting a "under-dog" from her favorite uncle...
What girl isn't going to chase after him?? He is such a cutie!!
Aunt Kim helping Bug at yet, another park.
Bug and her cousin Tara swinging at the park
Bug loving the slides
Daddy not loving the slide too much, as he gets stuck in it.
I think this picture is hilarious....can you tell she is a determined little girl?? (she climbed this wall all by herself!)
Another favorite picture

Last but not least....our Family Totem Poles. From the bottom: Uncle Matt, Erin, Tara, Bug, and Grandpa.

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