Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A nice strong heartbeat...

(Here is a picture of Bug in the car, as we were going through Chicago on the way to Pittsburgh on Friday.)

Well, we made it home (or hoe, as Bug calls it--she likes to leave the m's out of alot of her words) safe and sound, at 5am on Tuesday. We decided to drive through the night, to make it easier on all of us--Bug slept pretty much the entire time, and when she woke up the few times, she just sucked her thumb and listened to us talk...until she fell back asleep. Driving through the night was worth it, if only to avoid Chicago traffic. We have never gotten through Chicago in an hour before...that was nice.

The other driving force for coming home early, was to attend "H's" dr's appointment. After having about 3 hours of sleep, we woke up and got ready for another short drive (about 45 minutes away), to her appointment. It was so nice to see her again. We all (DH, Bug, Me, "H", and "H's" Mom) crammed into the exam room, and watched "H" get weighed, measured, and finally, got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Dr said the baby has a "nice, strong heartbeat". It was so good to hear, almost made me cry. The Dr also said that there is no medical reason to have another ultrasound, so it will have to be a surprise. Both "H" and I were bummed...we both want to know. As we were leaving, we agreed to chat soon to make plans to get together this weekend.

Our Pitts trip was always, we just relaxed, ate, relaxed and ate some more. We visited "Aunt" Pat, and "Uncle" Jack, and also got to see Beth. On our last day, we also visited Great-Aunt Irene. Unfortunately, our schedules didn't work out and we didn't get to see Aunt Suzanne or Uncle Bill this trip. :-( It was good to see Grandma though, and even better to see her being able to walk at the mall. We are so glad we had the chance to visit, but sad to leave. This was the shortest visit we have ever had, so we plan on spending more time when we go back in October/November. Thanks Grandma for everything--especially the yummy desserts!!

Well, this weekend our project is to tear out Bug's closet, and install a closet organizer, to utilize the space (up to the ceiling), as we are going to need it very soon. We are also going to get the infant/newborn clothes out again, and get those washed and ready to go. I don't want to get caught unprepared!!! Besides, Bug's second birthday and the birth of this baby are probably going to be very close, and we want one less thing to worry about (plus, I am just a freak when it comes to being prepared!!).

That is about all for updates--I will leave you with pics from Pitts:
Cheesin' for the camera...At a rest stop trying to start the car, while waiting for Daddy....
After church, on Saturday at Pat and Jack's house...That dress Bug is wearing cost $5 (after-Easter clearance at Target!!).

Bug getting smooches from Mommy and Great-Grandma
Great-Grandma, Bug, and Daddy
I think this picture will go down as my all time favorite--Bug and Daddy are both smiling, and Bug is actually in the air--have I mentioned, that I love our new camera?!?
Great-Grandma and Pat
Bug playing out in the backyard with "Uncle" Jack
Pretty rose that Bug got for Great Grandma for Mother's Day
Bug walking in the mall with Great-Grandma
At the play area at the mallCuddling with Great-Grandma

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