Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pizza, Uncle Harry's and a really cool fort!

Here is a picture of our bug and her new baby doll. We actually bought this baby doll for her birthday (long before we ever knew we might possibly have a baby before her second birthday!), so after our most recent exciting news, we decided to give it to her now. She loves her baby, (who's name on the Cabbage Patch Birth Certificate is "Hope") and takes her everywhere. Bug tries to feed her baby her breakfast, and makes sure to follow it up with a bottle (the pink one in the picture!). It is so cute...

Anyway, last night we visited some friends, who have two boys, and a boy on the way (due in early September). The oldest boy (who is 3) and Bug had such a fun time playing. We had pizza for dinner, then walked to Uncle Harry's (local custard and ice cream shop), then went back home for more playing. Bug and "G-Man" loved playing in the was so cute watching them play together. "G-Bam" was busy trying to keep up--he is growing so fast--I am pretty sure he will pass Bug up on the scales very soon!! It was good to see him so healthy, and walking around on his own. He is surely a blessing!

No new news--this week will be busy--lots of play dates. We are planning on heading to PA later in the week for a few days with Great Grandma. Looking forward to the visit, not looking forward to the 10+ hour drive with toddler who only likes to sit in her car seat for so long!! (we were going to fly, but forgot to buy the tickets on the last day of the sale...Grrrrr.) O-Well...DH and I will have lots of time to talk.

I will leave you with some pictures from last night:
Bug and G-Man playing in the fort
G-Bam--he is getting so big!! What a cutie! Bug sitting on G-Man's lap--she really wanted to sit on the chair because it is a Mickey Mouse chair, but G-Man beat her to it, so she just plopped on his lap. And saving the best for last--this is their dog, Reagan. Reagan found a nice warm spot next to DH, and if you look real closely, Reagan's paw is sitting right on DH's leg...How cute! This dog pretty much didn't move for about an hour. Ironic, no?

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