Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A pile of Life...

Here is what happens when the cereal cabinet is left open, and Mommy takes a shower not knowing that Daddy left the cabinet open, and Bug is hungry. What does Mommy do--No, she doesn't clean it up---She grabs the camera first!!! Can't miss out on a picture like that!! Cinnamon Life cereal is her favorite! When the girl is hungry, not much can stop her. Another example--tonight I was on the phone with my mom, and all of a sudden, I realized it was too quiet. Bug was up to something. Well, I go looking for her, and here she is eating a piece of bread. She had gotten the loaf of bread (don't ask me how--it was in the middle of the counter--we have to do that now, so that she can't reach things she shouldn't have), taken off the twist tie (that I have yet to find), and started eating. I am telling you, the girl isn't even two, and can fend for herself!! Haha...just kidding...sort of.

Well, we have been quite busy here...Saturday brought us getting together with "H" and her Mom, and meeting her Aunt and Grandma. We met at 4:30 and looked at lots of family pictures, and just chatted. After chatting, we went out to dinner that was Ohhhh, Soooo Yummy!! We ended up at "Noodles and Co." Lets just say, I will be going there again. After dinner, we headed back to "H's" and her Mom's house to chat some more. (Yes, yet another thing we have in common--We love to talk!!) "H" was also gracious enough to give us two ultrasound pictures, she had done in February. As we were getting ready to leave, she said that the baby was moving (she said that it is the baby's schedule to kick at night). We hung around and got to see the baby move. Bug went over, and after a little coaxing, she touched the "baby". It was so cute. We felt so blessed and excited to be able to see the baby move. Thank-You "H", for sharing that moment with us. It was another wonderful visit, and was nice to learn more about this family, and just reinforced the fact that we are meant to be together. It never hurts to have more extended family, does it? :-)

Today we had a playdate and had lots of fun at the park with Heather and Lily. Life gets so busy, and we just don't get together enough!! Here are some pictures of our day:
Our little Bug loves to climb!

Lily loving the swing!! Goofin' around-- A picture before heading home for lunch.. ...And a hug too!!

Tomorrow night it is out to dinner with Uncle Gary who is here for business from West Virginia. It will be nice to see him, and yes, Aunt Carolyn I promise to provide him with pictures of Bug to bring home to you! This weekend brings us travelling to visit DH's family. It will be a nice to have some family time, laugh, and just catch up. That is all for now...Safe travels to everyone travelling this weekend!

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